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World Series is set 2017

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So the World Series is set now. It’s a matter of who I want to win vs who I think will win. Let’s take a look at the series. It’s the Houston Astros vs the LA Dodgers. Either way, we are getting a new champion. The Astros have never won the World Series. The Dodgers last won it 29 years ago. So either way, I think that’s exciting. I think it’s always a good thing when a team wins it for the first time in a long time. Sure, dynasties are good too. But seeing the same teams in the finals (regardless of the sport) can get a little tiresome. I’m looking at you Cavs and Warriors!

So who do I want to win? The Houston Astros. They are my second favorite team and the only other team I actually root for other than the Red Sox. Why Houston? I have a connection to a former Astro great named Jeff Bagwell. Not only by name alone, but we attended the same high school (he graduated from there, I left after two years) and the same college (both graduated.) He was drafted by the Red Sox and traded to Houston. So because of him, I liked the Astros. At that point they were in the National League so it was okay to like them. They recently moved to the American League for no real reason.

Who do I think will win? The Dodgers. They have been on fire all season long (minus a stretch late in the season when they pretty much had their playoff spot secured) and have continued to that streak in the playoffs, only losing one game so far.  When you are able to dispose of the reigning defending World Series champion like you are swatting a fly, that tells you what kind of team the Dodgers are.

Either way I think we are in for an exciting World Series. But if I had to make a prediction it will be Dodgers in 6 games.

Check back later in the week as I will have a free book announcement as well as the Club Kayfabe Creative Community Spotlight. Until then have a good one everybody.