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PC. Vol 3 Word Count Wednesday #16

word Count Wednesday (2)

Wow, I really need to keep up with my top 5’s or atleast something that isn’t Word Count Wednesday. Tomorrow, I will post something. I promise.

Welcome to the second to last Word Count Wednesday for Paranormal Contact Vol. 3. Just now I reached a bit of a milestone with this one. PC Vol. 3 has surpassed Volume 1 as far as words go. I know it’s more about quality than quantity. But there was a time I wasn’t sure I would have that much to write about. I was wrong!

Last week’s total words were: 46,207. I wrote some pretty important scenes over the last week that will help tie up some loose ends in the series. And really all that’s left to write is the ending now.

The last act of the book to me is strong. I hope that you the reader will agree it’s a great way to conclude the series.

So where do we stand at the end of the 16th week? How does….

49, 838 sound to you?

See you tomorrow for some updates! Until then, Have a good one everybody!


PC Vol. 3 Word Count Wednesday # 14

word Count Wednesday (2)

Good late Wednesday evening. I know I say this every week but I can’t believe the end is in sight for the Paranormal Contact Series.

I’m to the point in the books where we need to start saying goodbye to characters. I said goodbye to the first major character in the book. This character has been around since the very beginning. I think I did the character justice. You will notice I’m playing the pronoun game because I don’t want to give anything away. But I will say this character goes out in a blaze of glory!

I’m also trying to make sure that all storylines are tied up that need to be tied up. It’s one thing to do that over one book. That can get tough. But concluding a series? That’s a horse of another color as my old friend Bob used to say!

You might remember that last week we were at 39, 744 words. I’m pushing forward to get this book done. It should be completed in just under three weeks at this point. Because this week’s total is……


Have a good one everyone!

PC Vol. 3 Word Count Wednesday # 11

word Count Wednesday (2)

Good evening everybody! It is Wednesday. And I’m back with another Word Count Wednesday. This has been a good week as far as writing goes. I’m about to get into the main part of the story which I’m really looking forward to.

You may remember last week the magic number was 30,688. I am in the process of writing a scene where I bring back another character that we haven’t really seen much of. But I always intended to do more with this character, so he’s back!

I’m glad I got in a lot of writing this week since I will be out of town this upcoming weekend. I might do some notes so I have ideas from when I come back. I’ll be back on Sunday so there will still be a top 5 then.

I think next week I will give you readers a bit of an update. I think this will be a satisfying end to the trilogy!

How close are we to ending the trilogy? Well this week’s word count is….34,052

See you next week!


PC Vol.3 Word Count Wednesday # 6

Word Count Wednesday

Welcome back to Another Word Count Wednesday for Paranormal Contact Vol. 3. This is my first week in a while really going to work on it, and I feel good about the amount of work I did with the book.

One of the cool things about being an author is having the power to write my friends into scenes. Obviously Jeremy and Jack were in the first Paranormal Contact. My friends Jennifer, Kyle and Tyler made it into Paranormal Contact Vol. 2. Apparently the hospital that gets visited is well staffed with some awesome people because I’m including two of good friends as characters. They each get one scene, but both scenes are important to the story and I also think I captured their personalities in their scenes. I didn’t just want to write characters with their names and not have it be them! So happy to include Venessa and Amanda into my literary world!

There will be a story update on Paranormal Contact Vol. 3 in the next week, so be on the look out for that. In the mean time, let me give you last week’s word count. It was 15,535. That’s roughly about 1/3 of the way through the book.

I’m currently writing in Chapter six writing a scene more focusing on the paranormal aspect of the story. It’s a fun scene that doesn’t advance the plot much, but it gives me a chance to use a character that hasn’t been as important to this story… yet. He will be!

So with that in mind, today’s word count is….

18, 731

Have a good one everybody!

PC Vol. 3 Word Count Wednesday #5

Word Count Wednesday

Okay, welcome back for the return of Word Count Wednesday. It’s been a few weeks and for that I do apologize. I think I got my head a little bit more on straight, so I finally got back to doing some writing to get Paranormal Contact Vol. 3 back on track. I think recently I have written some of my favorite scenes in the series. Both scenes in question involve one character. I’ve always said this character is just a lot of fun to write, even if I don’t necessary like the character. It’s weird like that.

As a reminder of the last word count since it’s been a few weeks, we were sitting at 11,535 words.

At this point in the book I’m roughly 1/3 of the way done with it. There’s some surprises coming, which I hope you will like! And even more, I hope you won’t see coming.

With that in mind, I should tell you that I’m not proud of the lack of writing in the last week, let alone weeks. So again, I make the vow that when we meet again next week the word count will be more impressive. I will reveal the count as I hang my head in shame:


Have a good one everybody!

PC Vol. 3 Word Count Wednesday # 4

Word Count Wednesday

Welcome back to Word Count Wednesday # 4 for Paranormal Contact Vol.3.

I have been doing some writing today, which is why this blog is coming in much later than usual. I do apologize for that! In the latest scenes, we see some old friends making their first appearance in this book. As of right now, there’s only two characters who have not returned…. yet. But they are mentioned. Because the book wouldn’t be the same without them. Who am I speaking about? I’m sure you can guess!

If you will remember last week, the word count stood at 8.607. I went a few days without writing, but the last few days I have been pushing myself more to get it done. That’s really the whole point of Word Count Wednesday. It’s to keep me motivated and on point. And more importantly it keeps me accountable to get the books written. I didn’t want this to be another week that only had 1000 words written during it. So I made sure that wasn’t the case.

So your new word count is 9,725. See? More than a 1000 words. 1,100 words. That’s good right? RIGHT? No. Good, cause I’m just messing with you.

The actual word count for Paranormal Contact Vol. 3 right now is

11, 535.

Have a good one everybody!

PC Vol. 3 Word Count Wednesday #3

Word Count Wednesday

Happy Wednesday everybody. It’s hump day, and for most people it’s even sweeter since it will be a short week to get to another weekend. So congratulations to you!

I’ve been chugging right along with Paranormal Contact Vol. 3. This will be the culmination of the entire Paranormal Contact series. So you know, no pressure on me or anything!

Speaking of Paranormal Contact, for the rest of the day you can get the previous two books in the series for free! Not a bad deal if you ask me. Paranormal Contact Vol. 1 is available here. And might as well pick up Vol. 2 here while you’re at it. After today, Vol. 2 will still be available for free until Saturday as well. So what are you waiting for?

Now that we have that out of the way, we’re here for Word Count Wednesday. If you remember, last week I was at a rather disappointing 5,864 words. I said I would right more last week than I did in the previous week. Did I live up to my word? Yes I did!

There’s a huge development in the story happening as we speak. For those that read the second one, you know exactly what I mean. Well, we got the answer to the question. What did she say? I’m afraid you will have to wait and find out.

So this week’s word count sits at:


And I think this week I’m going to start a new feature here. Once a week, I will go off topic and discuss something in pop culture. I have something in mind so you’re just going to have to wait until Friday for that.

Until then, Have a good one everybody!