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An Honest Opinion Wanted (or several)

Good Saturday afternoon loyal readers of my blog. I have a quick favor to ask of some of you and I would greatly appreciate it.

If you have read my first novel “Everything Comes Full Circle”, I would love to know your honest opinion on it. You can tweet me at @trel67 on Twitter or you can shoot me an email at Jefftrel@gmail.com. What did you like? What didn’t you like about it? Constructive criticism only please! And I promise you whatever way you contact me, I will respond personally!

I know one issue people have had with it is that there were too many characters. It is something that I am resolving with my second novel which is due out next month called “Paranormal Contact Volume One”. I have also been told that there is too much dialogue and not enough action or description. It’s something that I have also worked on for the second book. Is there something else? Please let me know. As an author, I want to get better. But first I have to know what to work on. Please let me know.

As far as “Paranormal Contact Volume One” I am in the home stretch of it. So much so that I am thinking all ready about “Paranormal Contact Volume Two”. There will be no rest between the two books. Why? Well, there will be an chapter from the sequel attached to the first one.

I hope that everyone is having a great weekend!