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Top 5 (18)


Welcome back to another Top 5. It’s been a while since I did one. And since today is National Super Hero Day, I thought I would do my top 5 Super hero movies.

Honorable Mentions: Superman, Batman Forever, Captain America: Civil War, X-Men 2, Guardians Of The Galaxy

5) The Dark Knight – What I’m about to say might be controversial, but I’m okay with that. While I obviously enjoy this movie, I think part of the allure of it centers around the death of Heath Ledger. He was absolutely brilliant as the Joker, but it was hard to not fall into the hype immediately after it’s release. But watching it again after time had passed, it’s easy to have a new respect for the movie where I wasn’t blinded by the hype.

4) Batman (1989) – Michael Keaton and Tim Burton brought a new Batman to the screen. The only time we had seen a live action Batman previous to this it was beyond campy. Burton’s vision was dark but had a few light hearted moments as well. And speaking of the Joker, Jack Nicholson turn as the Joker was a 180 as well from what we had seen from Cesar Romero.

3) Captain America: The Winter Soldier – This was a Super Hero movie that was part action, part thriller and part comic book movie. Robert Redford playing a villain in a comic book movie was something you’d never think you’d see. It did a great job of expanding the character not only of Cap but Black Widow as well.

2) Iron Man – The movie that truly started it the entire craze. Tony Stark wasn’t exactly a well known character outside of comic book nerds, so it was a big risk starting the franchise out with him. It was an even bigger risk to hire someone like Robert Downey Jr who had fallen on hard times. He made some indy movies like Kiss Kiss Bang Bang after his recovery, but nothing on this level. It all came together in a damn near perfect movie.

1 The Avengers – This was it. This is what we were building towards. The first time seeing Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, Hulk and Hawkeye together on the big screen. It had a great mix of action and comedy, though I admit sometimes the comedy wasn’t needed. They expanded the role of Loki making him so far the best villain in the MCU. Could that change once we actually see Thanos in all his villainous glory? Oh I think so!

So what about you? What is your favorite comic book movie?

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