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Happy Father’s Day to all the father’s out there. Being a father is never an easy job. So thank you for all the fathers who go out of their way and sacrifice so that their children can have it a little easier.

Well, what better time to take a look at some of my favorite TV and movie dads than today on Father’s Day. There are so many great ones to look at, so let’s go ahead and start it off with a dishonorary mention. Because Ross Geller was a horrible dad to his son Ben! Especially after Baby Emma was born, it was almost like Ben was never mentioned again. Okay, now moving on to the good ones!

Honorary Mentions – Cliff Huxtable, Steven Keaton, Harry Stamper, Noah Levenstein, George McFly, Randy Marsh

5- Clark Griswold – Clark might not be the best dad in the world, but he certainly goes out of his way to provide for his kids. He wants to make sure they have great memories growing up. That’s why he gives them wonderful vacations to Wally World, Europe and even Vegas. Sure he doesn’t seem to notice that his kids look different each movie and actually flip flop who is older, but he loves them none the less!

4- Tom Bueller – Tom loves his son Ferris, to the point that he called home to check in on him when he thought his son was sick. He jokingly said that he and his wife should shoot Jeannie after the mother picked her up from jail.  At least I think it’s a joke. Yeah, we’ll go with that. Fun fact not related to Tom, but the actor and actress that played Ferris’s parents eventually did get married to each other. Awwwww.

3- Homer Simpson – Homer certainly came along way as a father. Mostly due to the PC police. But when we first met Homer, he would regularly choke his son. Not to say that Bart didn’t have it coming, but you can’t just go choking your kid. Homer learned the early. He did a lot to support his kids, when he wasn’t yelling at Lisa for playing her saxophone too loud…. hmmm, the more I think about it he wasn’t a good dad at all! Still high on my list though!

2. Al Bundy – Looking at a guy like Al, you wouldn’t think he would be a good dad. But deep down he really was. He claimed to not like his family (let alone love them) but his actions speak louder than words. He struggled to show his emotions, but he provided for them to the best that he could. He never forced his beliefs on his kids. It’s not like Bud ever joined No Ma’am or anything. But Al will never make it on the Neighbor of the year list!

1- Jason Seaver – My all time favorite dad growing up. Jason wanted to do what was right for his wife so he moved his practice into the home so that his wife Maggie would be able to go back to work. Jason was able to keep an eye on his four kids, and with sons like Mike and Ben, it was almost mandatory that they be supervised at all times.

Well, that does it. This week I will be doing some free book sales so look for an announcement in a day or two! Have a good one everybody!