Interviewing my Business Partner

Good afternoon and welcome back. As it stands “Everything Comes Full Circle” is in the hands of my editors. I hope to have more information about the release soon!

In the mean time, I am proud to conduct a very special interview. A few months ago a friend of mine that I have known for many years and I decided to partner up and form our own independent publishing company called “Two Dudes, Brews and Books.” So ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to introduce you to Mr. Jeremy Croston.

Tell the readers a little about yourself:

Well, my name is Jeremy and I am a giant nerd, lol.  Books and beer are two of my favorite things and hence how I came to team up with you and created this crazy company!

Since the name of our company is two dudes, brews and books let me ask you about the first time you drank. Do you remember what it was?

It was on my twenty first birthday and it was a Bud-Light.  I remember the first drink was awful, but years later I came to appreciate a good beer.  (note: Bud-Light is NOT a good beer)

Do you remember when we used to chug beer at Jungle Jim’s? And for the readers’ sake, tell us who won?

I do remember those days and to the readers, let me tell you, there were no winners.  On those nights, we were all losers, haha! (Editor’s note, Jeremy could out chug me those days and probably could still. But he has a point!)

You have primarily written science Fiction books to this point. Are there any genres you would like to write about in the future?

Ironic (or knowingly!) you should ask.  My next project is a romantic/sports novel about a boxer who is rebuilding his life, both personally and professionally.  It is a tale I think anyone can relate to, as we all have to go through the rough patches in order to get to the glory at the end of the road.  Look for it late spring/early summer on a Kindle near you!

For those that don’t know the story, your wife Stephanie was the one who encouraged you to pursue writing after finding your stories in a box while you two were moving. What did you think when she first told you to pursue it? Did you think it was a good idea?

At the time I thought it was a crazy idea.  No one would want to read the random stuff I came up with.  But you know, women tend to be a bit smarter than men.  Granted, I’m not on the New York Times best seller lists, but the response to my novels has been very positive.  It just goes to show you, all you need is faith in your abilities.

What drew you to the inspiration of writing about characters like Thor and Loki?

I’m a big Norse mythology guy.  I’ve studied it and even have a minor in mythology as a whole from UCF.  I wanted to give the public a more accurate portrayal of them, as the Marvel portrayals are fun, but not fully right.  Loki is not the evil genius everyone thinks he is.  He is a very complex and misunderstood character,

As a writer, what do you think is your ultimate goal?

My ultimate goal is to entertain the people who read my novels.  I think being an author gives you a different motivation than most professions.  You write what you think will inspire people to think and read more.  If my Ragnarok on Ice series motivates a person to learn more about the real Norse gods, than I am happy.

When you become a successful writer, where is the one place you would like to live?

Good question!  I’d buy a summer home in Alaska and a winter home in Cocoa Beach.  You would find me on my front porch sipping my favorite brew, creating the next big thing!

Thank you for your time with us, Jeremy. To find out about Jeremy’s books you can find them at this link and you can find his blog here


What’s Next After “Everything Comes Full Circle”

First off I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year’s Eve. Welcome to 2015.

If you told me at the start of 2014 that I would have written a book, I would have laughed in your face. But as of yesterday afternoon, I was done with my first novel.

I say first novel because I do have plans for other books. As it stands now, I plan on having two more novels in 2015 with a short story or two thrown in there as well.

I will say that the next novel will not feature as many characters. That was difficult to find dialogue for everyone. Unfortunately it was not as equal as I would have liked it to be. I have two ideas in my head for other novels, but a friend of mine has asked me to consider writing something based off his idea. That was definitely flattering considering my first novel isn’t even out yet!

But it depends if the reviews for “Everything Comes Full Circle” are positive. I hope that people will like it, but I am also being realistic. If reviews are positive, then I will continue to write. If not, then we shall see.

“Everything Comes Full Circle” is currently in the hands of my editor. I hope to have an update in a few days. I will keep you posted.

The Inspiration behind “Everything Comes Full Circle”

Welcome back to what may be the last blog before “Everything Comes Full Circle”. I am on page 90 and am determined to finish writing today. Maybe tomorrow at the latest.

I wanted to share where the idea for my book came. It really is two fold. First off, my real life experiences. I was an actor in high school and college. I grew up in a small town where we were one of three high schools that didn’t actually have an auditorium. So the struggles that the students in my book I was all too familiar with. A few years ago, the school finally built one. It connected the high school with the junior high school. I have been to visit my home town since, stood outside the auditorium but for whatever reason I never went into it. It felt weird to me, since I had given up acting years ago. I figured it would make me want to get back into it. I was never a star or even near the top of the cast list. There were times in college I had to beg for roles or threaten to quit the production crew if I didn’t get a part. So to say I was not a good actor was probably putting it mildly.

Secondly, there was a song from Aerosmith called “Full Circle” off the 1995 album “Get A Grip”. So clearly I got the name of the book from that. I wanted to share the lyrics with you as well, because perhaps part of it will be paraphrased in something you will hopefully be reading very very soon:

Yeah, yeah
If I could change the world
Like a fairy tale
I would drink the love
From your Holy Grail
I would start with love
Tell ol’ Beelzebub
To get outta town
‘Cause you just lost your job
How did we get so affected (’cause I think)
Love is love reflected

Don’t let it slip away
Raise yo’ drinkin’ glass
Here’s to yesterday
In Time
We’re all gonna trip away
Don’t piss Heaven off
We got Hell to pay
Come full circle

And if
There’s a spell on you that
I could take away
I would do the deed
Yeah and by the way
Here’s to Heaven knows
As the circle goes
It ain’t right
I’m uptight
Yeah and get off my toes

I used to think that every little thing I did was crazy
But now I think the Karma cops are comin’ after you

Don’t let it slip away
Raise yo drinkin’ glass
Here’s to yesterday
In Time
We’re all gonna trip away
Don’t piss Heaven off
We got Hell to pay
Come full circle

Every time you get yourself caught up inside
Of someone else’s crazy dream
Own it, yeah that’s a mistake
Everybody’s gotta lotta nada killing them
Instead of killing time

Don’t let it slip away
Raise yo’ drinkin’ glass
Here’s to yesterday
In Time
We’re all gonna trip away
Don’t piss Heaven off
We got Hell to pay

Don’t let it slip away
Raise yo’ drinkin’ glass
Here’s to yesterday
In Time
We’re all gonna trip away
Don’t piss Heaven off
We got Hell to pay
Come full circle

Circle, circle, circle, circle, circle, circle, circle

 Definitely look the song up. I think you will like it. As I hope you will like my book.

Official Cover for “Everything Comes Full Circle”

First off let me wish everyone a merry Christmas Eve.

Earlier today (and by earlier, I mean nine minutes ago) I revealed the Official Cover for Everything Comes Full Circle. I had been tinkering with a few ideas, including one that I thought would actually be the cover. The original idea looked like this: Full Circle - 3

But I decided to see if I can change it up a little bit. So this morning I went into full design mode and this is what I came up:

Official Book Cover - Everything Comes Full Circle

I hope that you will like the new design! Special thanks to my writing partner Jeremy Croston on the formatting for the cover.

The Second Chapter from “Everything Comes Full Circle”

Why the second chapter of the book? Easy. The first chapter doesn’t really feature any of the main characters. The second one introduces us to the dynamic of the group. 


Steve Potter sat in the chair of their modest kitchen. His wife is the English teacher at the local high school as well as the director of the school plays. He was an assistant manager at home repair store a few towns over from where they live. When the plays come around, he would be her assistant director as well as design the sets with the help of their friend Dustin.

He couldn’t help but smile after hearing the news of the town meeting. He loved helping with the plays, but it was starting to become an issue. He was almost fifty now. His once full head of hair was starting to recede a little. The space they used was the small gym in the back of the high school. Not only did they have to design sets, but Steve and Dustin had to build the stage first. And rigging the lights and the microphones. There was a time last year that Steve contemplating telling his wife that he just couldn’t do it anymore. But tonight’s announcement changes everything.

Steve now knew that he could continue to help out with the plays, at least until his younger daughter was out of high school. She definitely took after her mother with a passion for plays and for acting. Renee was an actress when he met her back in college. Desperate to impress her, he tried his hand at it and failed. But he learned to love the behind the scenes aspects of it.

Renee walked in from down the hallway with a smile on her face. She was in he late 40’s with black hair that she dyed a few times a year. She could easily pass for someone years younger than her. There were wrinkles on her face, mostly from teaching. She loved her students, each of them offering a different challenge. There were some she hoped she would never see again. But among her students, her favorite were the actors in the plays she directed. They had a special relationship. Normally she didn’t hear from students after they graduated from her class, but those that she directed she considered her children. Of course there were ones she liked better than others, but she would never tell them that. The news of tonight definitely raised her spirits. She thought that the motion would be denied and that the arts department would get another blow. She sat down next to Steve and leaned over and gave him a kiss on the cheek. She reached for a piece of paper that was on the table.

“What are you doing?”, Steve asked his wife.

“I am writing Mayor North a thank you note on behalf of the theater department. I know that she didn’t do it for us solely, but I think that if anyone is going to benefit from it the most it’s going to be us. Don’t you agree?”, she responded without looking up from her task at hand.

“No, I completely agree. I know my back will definitely love the idea of not having to build the stage first. Plus just imagine how many more people will get to see the shows. We could barely fit 100 people in the small gym. She didn’t say how many seats would be in this auditorium, but I can guarantee you that it will be more than that”, Steve replied. Renee looked up at him with a smile on her face. “Have you thought about what we should do for our first show in the new auditorium?’

“We just found out like an hour ago? When did you think I had time to make such a decision?,” Renee teased with a poke to his right shoulder.

“But I also know you. I know how your brain works. You start thinking about the next play the second the lead finishes his or her bow on the final performance on the final night. Am I right?”, Steve responded. He had to stop himself from snickering at his unintentional rhyme.

“Normally you would be right. Had I been thinking about next spring’s show? Of course I have. But this changes everything. I know that to open the auditorium now we have to do something big. Something bigger than big. I just don’t know what yet,” she said.

“Together, we will figure it out. We have plenty of time,” Steve replied. Renee nodded her head in agreement. “If you want we can get together with Dustin tomorrow and see if he has any bright ideas. I think between the three of us we can come up with an idea that will blow the roof off of the new auditorium,” he replied with a grin on his face.

“I know that we can. I will talk to him tomorrow and see when he is free”, she said. Renee began writing again in the thank you note. She felt a tear well up in her eye. Steve looked over and saw it. He stood from his chair and wrapped an arm around her shoulder and kissed her cheek. “I can’t believe we are finally getting an auditorium. After all the struggles we had over the years, it’s finally happening.”

“I know. I am so happy for you that it got approved finally.“

I hope that you enjoyed the first chapter and it makes you want to read more!

My Biggest Concern about “Everything Comes Full Circle”

The original intent of the novel was to be 90 pages. That was always my target goal. I had doubts at first that I would have enough material to fit the 90 pages, but now I am proud to announce that due to a late expanded story line 90 pages is a goal that will not only be met, but achieved. Probably not by much, but it will definitely be at least 90 pages. As of this writing I am on page 80 with a lot of story still to be told. As it stands the story is 40,218 words long

Now that length isn’t a concern, I still have one more. Because the original source material is a screenplay, a vast majority of it is dialogue and not actions or descriptions. I hope that will not be a distraction to the reader. It is something I am looking to make some changes to as I go back and edit it. I have lost count of how many times the word “said” as be written. There are some scenes where there are some scenes I have been able to put a little bit of action and movement into, some that is severely lacking.

I am definitely in the home stretch though. I hope that everyone who reads it will like it!

Welcome to JefftrelBooks, this is where I write about my progress of writing my novels.