Winners Announced

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So as many of you know my book Paranormal Contact Vol. 3 was up for the best Paranormal Book in the Summer Indie Book Awards from Metamorph Publishing. Well, the winners were announced this week!

I didn’t win. That’s okay. As the old saying goes it’ was just an honor to be nominated, and it was.  Would I like to have won? Of course I would have. It wasn’t written in the stars for me to win though.

I’d like to congratulate Nicky Charles for the book “Deceit Can Be Deadly” which won in my category.  I might have to go check out the book!

There will be an update later in next week about the progress of my next book. In the mean time have a good one everybody!

Happy Labor Day + Updates

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Happy Labor Day everyone. If you were one of the lucky people to get a three day weekend I hope you are able to enjoy it. I know I am!

It’s been almost a year since my last book release. I’m not proud of it. But I have no one to blame but myself. But I’m hard at work with my next book. I’m hoping that I can have it released by the end of the year. If it’s not released in December, then it will be an early 2018 release. This book will not be in the paranormal realm at it. It’s more Everything Comes Full Circle, then anything else. A bit comedy, a bit drama and all about relationships. It also does focus on a reunion. I seem to have a soft spots for those. But this is quite different though.

This will be my first release under a new book label. It will be released under Wicked Good Time Publishing.

While I’m temporarily stepping away from the world of the paranormal, it’s just that. Temporarily. I’m kicking around some ideas for future releases that take me back into either The Time Traveler’s World or back to Paranormal Contact.  I haven’t yet decided what will be my follow up to this right now. But you know I will let you know as well.

If you haven’t had a chance to vote yet for Paranormal Contact Vol. 3, please do me a favor and vote. You can vote for the next week every single day! Sure they spelled my name wrong. With a name like Trelewicz, are we really surprised? Maybe the next book should be under Treleqicz as an inside joke?

If there are any authors who need a little free publicity, feel free to message me. I’m looking to do some more Authors Helping Authors. Whatever I can do to help other Independent Authors, I’m glad to do. Let me know if I can help you!

In the mean time, have a good one everybody!

State Of Sales August 2017

State Of Sales

Happy Friday evening everybody. There is definitely a chill in the air. It’s almost Halloween time, the perfect time to pick up a spooky book. Or Three! Like Paranormal Contact? Shameless plug, I know.

I did a free sale this week for Paranormal Contact Vol. 3 since it’s up for a Summer Indie Book award hoping it would drive sales through the roof. It didn’t. That’s fine.

Once again the big winner of the month is Twisted & Sinful Stories. It has been the most popular book as far as actual sales goes so far. And that has little to do with me as it does have to do with Jeremy and Morganna and Jack. All of us should be pretty proud of the book.

CKCC Spotlight


Oooh, new graphic for a feature! Club Kayfabe Creative Community is awesome bunch of guys and girls showcasing their works. I’m a proud member of the group. It’s been a few weeks since I turned the spotlight on them, so now’s a good time to do that. And why not talk about the podcast that started it all. It used to just be the Club Kayfabe Podcast, but it was recently rebranded as Club Kayfabe WrestleTalk. Every week Chris, Dan and Glenn talk about everything in the ring. It’s not just WWE talk, as they talk Lucha Underground and GFW sometimes too. If you’re a fan, you should listen in and join the group on Facebook. There’s a game every week that’s guaranteed to make you laugh. Plus I’m winning the game right now. Can I hold on for the next 3 months? Only one way to find out!

Come back this weekend and there will be a new blog. About what? Excellent question. I’ll let you know!

Best Paranormal Voting – Polls Open

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Today is the day! Voting is open for Paranormal Contact Vol. 3 in Metamorph Publishing’s Summer Indie Book Awards.

You are able to vote once a day per device. You will notice that they did spell my name wrong on the Poll Maker. That’s fine. You can help make it right! I want to go from an award nominated author to an award winning author. I would greatly appreciate it!

Later today there will be a State of Sales update as well and a CKCCOnline Focus as well. See you then!

Top 5 (22 + 23) and Other News


Wow, has it been almost a month since my last post? Time flies when you have no idea what’s going on around you I guess 🙂

Don’t forget that Paranormal Contact Vol. 3 is free right now! Not only that, but in just a few days you will get to vote for Paranormal Contact Vol 3 for best Science Fiction book. Once the voting is open I will post a link right here!

So I’m behind on my Top 5’s lists so you are getting two of them. Back to Back. I’m a big comic book nerd. I’ve seen most of the comic books moves that have been released, so our first top 5 will take a look at my favorite comic book movies:

Honorary Mentions: Guardians Of The Galaxy, Batman (1989), Wonder Woman (Screw you, James Cameron)

5- The Dark Knight – I mean what more do I need to say other then Heath Ledger? Very rarely do you see comic book movies get Oscar nominations other then in the tech department. But Ledger (tragically) became the Joker every second he was on screen. Bale was awesome. Harvey Dent was almost a tragic hero. And it featured one of those moments i jumped up in a movie theater at a surprise (SPOILER) when it was revealed James Gordon faked his own death

4- Spider-Man 2 – Spider-Man 1 was good. But 2 took it to the next level. Partly because of the great performance of a guy like Alfred Molina. To say that he was a likeable villain is an understatement. You liked him as Dr. Octavius which made his turn into Dr. Ock even better.

3- Iron Man – The movie that started the MCU, and for good reason. When Robert Downey Jr was announced, most people scoffed. He had his own demons and wasn’t exactly a big name anymore. But I think his demons are what made him the perfect person to play Stark.

2- Captain America: The Winter Soldier – What was amazing about this movie was the different genres it covered. Comic book movie? Check. Romance? Yeah there was some of that. Political drama? Yup. Buddy movie? Damn right. Action? Big time action. And how often do you get to (SPOILER ALERT) see Robert Redford playing a baddie?

  1. The Avengers – I went to the midnight showing of this one when it first released. It was historic because it was the first time we saw a team up of such massive proportions. And it lived up to the expectations. My ONLY issue was there was a little too much forced humor (That guy’s playing Galaga?)


Tonight marks the end of season 7 of Game of Thrones. Seems like it just started. Oh wait, it did.  As I’m sure I’ve stated here before, a hero is only as good as a villain. So now we’re going to take a look at the best villains of the series.

Honorary Mentions – Euron Greyjoy, Tywin Lannister, Walder Frey

5.Joffrey – Oh what a little bitch he was. I hated him. There was no redeeming qualities of this character, but he was poised to take the throne. I mean sure he’s a little screwed up. Under the circumstances, I almost can’t blame him. When your uncle is also your dad? Yeah, that would make anyone a little messed in the head.

4. Littlefinger – I’ve said it before. I like Littlefinger. He’d probably be higher on the list if he had any actual claim to the throne. But he doesn’t. But he is one of the most calculating and devious characters on the show, which really says something if you think about it!

3. Ramsey Bolton – Talk about a guy going crazy for power. The things he did to gain power was incredible. And as despicable as the character was, the performance of Iwan Rheon, I didn’t hate him. I’m not saying I rooted for him like I do for Littlefinger, but he was hard to hate.

2. The Night King – I have a feeling that by the end of the series, The Night King will become # 1. We know very little about him as of writing of this, but he leads the army of the dead and apparently is really good at throwing a spear! Ultimately, he will probably be the ultimate bad guy in season 8.

1- Cersei – Speaking of devious and cunning, we have seen there’s nothing Cersei won’t do to sit on the throne. In her mind she’s the ONLY one worthy to sit there and she won’t stop at anything to achieve it. Honestly, I’m not a fan of the character but you can’t help but be impressed by what she will do to win.

So there you have it! What do you think? See you later in the week when I post the ways you can vote for my book (and you know I do hope you will!)




Paranormal Contact Vol. 3 Freebie & More

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Welcome back everyone! Hope you had a good weekend. I just finished watching this week’s episode of Game Of Thrones and damn do I need to catch my breath. Later in the week I will be watching Sharknado 5. And anyone who listened to the old podcasts know how I feel about Nova. Glad to see her back!

Alright, so with voting coming up soon for the Metamorph Summer Indie Awards, what better way to help then to put Paranormal Contact Volume 3 up for free leading up to voting. So you will be able to get it from August 27-31. Of course I’ll let you know as we get closer to voting how you can help me win.

Books for Free August 2017

As many of you know, it’s been a while since I released a book. I’ve been working on my Kids’ Anthology, but writing has kind of stalled on it. So while I’m keeping it on the backburner, starting next week I’m starting work on a brand new book.  It’s not going to about the paranormal at all. It will be more in the vein of “Everything Comes Full Circle” then anything else. So I will probably start up my Word Count Wednesdays as well. So look for some news on that in the upcoming weeks as well.

There’ll be a new Top 5 coming in a day or two as well. I’m open to ideas if you want to float any my way, just reach out!

In the mean time, have a good one everybody!

State Of Sales July 2017

State Of Sales

Good Tuesday morning to you. It’s August 2nd so it’s time for a look back at the sales for July.

The big seller of the week has been the most steady of all my books so far. Sinful & Twisted Stories had the most copies sold for the month.  As it stands now, it’s sold 76 copies since it’s release. It really is a testament to the other three writers that contributed stories to the book. So continued shout outs to Morganna Williams, Jeremy Croston and Jack Crosby. That little book just keeps going!

My first book Everything Comes Full Circle got some sales last month as well. So that’s always unexpected.

I think I’m due for some free book sales so there will be some announcements later in the week on that. I might have another announcement as well 😉

Thank you to anyone who has ever bought a book with my name on it. It really does mean a lot. Have a good one everybody!


New Website!

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Good afternoon everybody! Hope you’re having a good weekend. My weekend has been okay, I guess. But I do have some good news to share.

Wicked Good Publishing has a new home website. Right now it’s kind of bare bones, but we’re working on improving it. If there’s something you want to see, let me or Austin know. And we will be more than glad to try to accommodate it!

As of right now it’s just a look at the books that Austin and I have written as well as a quick meet the team page that links to our Amazon biographies. We are certainly going to add more to it.

In the mean time, check it out and let us know what you of the site.

Later this week there will be a State Of Sales update for the month of July as well as a new Top 5.

This week in the CKCCOnline Spotlight is a podcast all about music. Check out the J-Bunny’s Music Hub.  Every week there’s a new musician interview.

Have a good one everybody!

Top 5 (21) (Spoilers ahead)


Welcome back everyone! There’s so much happening in the world of pop culture that I don’t know what to do! Comicon is getting ready to start in San Diego and D23 is just ending in Anaheim. Today is National Ice Cream Day too. I hope you had some Ice Cream.  I did and I will probably have some more because well it’s ice cream.

But today’s Top 5 is going to be a return to the very first Top 5. We’re talking Game of Thrones just hours ahead of the premiere of Season 7. We’re going to take a look at the Top 5 moments of the series. There’s so many moments that I could easily do a top 100. But I won’t. I will spare you of that! Even limiting it to 5 plus 7 honorary mentions was hard! Keep in mind that as we go forward there will be Spoilers ahead. So don’t read if you haven’t seen the first six seasons!

Honorary Mentions: Viserys Death,  Hodor’s Death, The Trial of Tyrion, Jon Snow’s death and subsequent revival, The Kingslayer loses a hand, Jamie gives Bran a push (out a window), Arya Gets her Revenge on Walder Frey

5. Danerys is Fireproof. It’s really happened twice in the series. Both moments were huge.  It shows how tough she will be in a fight to go with her spirit.

4. Tyrion Slaps Joffrey, many times. I know a lot of people would have loved to slap him. But it was Tyrion who got to do it. Joffrey was giving orders to the soldiers, but Joffrey thought he knew better. He tried to pull rank as King, but Tyrion would have none of it! Several slaps later and Joffrey finally backed off his uncle. This scene is more of a guilty pleasure than one that more impacted the course of events.

3, Battle Of The Bastards – This was a perfect example of what happens when a large scale war breaks out. We had seen large fights before, but there was something even more personal about it. It looked like Jon Snow was defeated but an unexpected save was made by Littlefinger to change the balance of the fight. Sansa ultimately got her revenge in the end.

2. Red Wedding. This was a moment that I should have seen coming, I didn’t. The slaughter of almost all the wedding guests was one thing, but killing Catelyn, Rob, Talisa and their unborn baby in such gory fashion was just so crazy. I would stop going to weddings in Westoros if I were any of them

1- Ned’s Death. Without a doubt the most shocking moment in the entire series. I remember sitting at home watching the end of season 1 thinking “There is no way they could kill the main character after 9 episodes. Turns out they can. One could even say that this one moment started the true Game of Thrones.

This week’s CKCCOnline Spotlight goes to Heather Quinn Cosplay. She’s an old friend of mine and one hell of a cosplayer. Some of her favorite cosplay characters are Ariel,  Wonder Woman and Quorra from Tron.  Check her out!

Alright, time to sit back and get ready for Game Of Thrones season 7. And remember! Be mindful of those that don’t get to watch it live! Be Spoiler free when discussing it online!

Excerpt Time!

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Welcome back everyone! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend so far. Summer is truly in full effect!

As you might have seen in my last blog, Paranormal Contact Vol. 3 is up for a Summer Indie Book Award through Metamorph Publishing. It’s now officially in the Paranormal Category. I mean, Of course it is :). There’s a lot of competition in the category. So my hats off to all the other authors. Good luck. In the mean time, if you’d like to pick up a copy of Paranormal Contact Vol. 3 you can at Amazon. It’s available in both paperback and e-kindle versions.

Still working on my Children’s Anthology. Here’s a scene from that book. I hope you will like it!

Willie and Kayleen huddled in the corner of their hut. There was a huge smile on Willie’s face.

“You have to show me where they were!” he said loudly. Kayleen immediately covered his mouth with her hand. Almost playfully he tugged on her shirt. Willie couldn’t control his excitement.

“Keep your voice down, Willie. And no I don’t. I shouldn’t have even told you about them.” Kayleen uncovered his mouth just as quickly

“Tell me again? Tell me what you saw?” Willie asked. His eyes were beaming with joy as he spoke. Kayleen repeated the story. She told him of watching two dragons soaring into the sky, climbing higher and higher. With each word she said, Willie just looked like he was ready to burst. When she was done, he started jumping up and down. “Will you take me to where you saw them?”

“I don’t think I should,” she replied. And just like that the excitement in Willie disappeared. He slumped forward against the wall. “Willie!”

He pouted at her. “It’s not fair! You got to see them. I didn’t!” Quickly Willie folded his arms across his chest. Kayleen felt her heart melt.

“I… there’s no way for me to guarantee that we would see them. They were near that mountain we saw, flying high in the sky. If they’re not out like I saw them, then you won’t get to see them like I did,” Kayleen responded. She could tell that her words were having absolutely no effect on Willie. There was sadness in his eyes now. It hurt Kayleen to see. She thought for a moment. “Fine, Willie. We will try. When we are allowed to go out, we will go there. But I don’t want you to be disappointed if we don’t see anything.”

Suddenly the big smile re-appeared on Willie’s face. His cheeks were hurting from smiling so big. He let go of her shirt and started jumping up and down in excitement. “Thank you, thank you thank you,” Willie repeated.

It was a few hours later than Willie and Kayleen were allowed to leave their village for a little while. Willie could hardly contain his excitement as he left his hut. He took off running. Kayleen called after him to slow down. His feet ran so far it almost appeared that they never touched the ground. Kayleen struggled to catch up to him.

It was only at the edge of the forest that she caught him. Willie was frozen. His eyes once again glued to the top of the majestic mountains. Kayleen looked to the clouds, where she had last seen the dragons flying. She saw nothing moving this time. Her eyes moved to her brother. His body was trembling.

“I told you there was a chance that you wouldn’t see them,” she said. Kayleen knelt down so she was at the same level as her brother. He refused to look at her though. His eyes squinted as he searched the skies for any movement he could see.

Dark clouds were starting to gather near the mountain. Kayleen looked down at Willie. His bottom lip quivered. Willie looked up at the clouds. “I guess we should go back before it starts raining.” He turned around and dropped his head to the ground. His small foot kicked a small rock that was near him. Kayleen draped her arm around his shoulder.

She turned around as well. They took two steps back to the village when suddenly they both heard a high pitch sound behind them. They each turned around as quickly as they could. As they did they both saw a dragon flying in the sky across the field.

The look changed just as quickly on Willie’s face. He screamed out in excitement.


Don’t forget to check out the CKCCOnline website. Bunch of good guys and girls there. I think I will do a CKCCOnline Spotlight every week to introduce you to what we have going on over there! So Today’s spotlight will be The Jersey Rain Podcast. You don’t have to be a famous celeb to have lived an interesting life. That’s the whole point of the podcast.  Normal people telling stories about their lives. I was lucky enough to be interviewed for the podcast as well as providing intros and outros for the podcast. Check out the Jersey Rain Podcast hosted by Mr. Chris O’Mealy

Welcome to JefftrelBooks, this is where I write about my progress of writing my novels.