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Not one, Not Two…

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Not One, Not Two, but three free books! It’s becoming a Halloween Tradition for me to release the Paranormal Contact series during Halloween. Last year Paranormal Contact Vol. 3 was released with the first two books being free. Well since there is no new release this year I wanted to make the entire trilogy available for free! So that’s what I’m doing!

Books for Free October 2017

First time doing the free books with the new covers! So even if you have the book, you should get it for free to make sure you have the most up to date cover! 😉

This weekend I will come back with another blog! Hope to see you then!

Have a good one everybody!

Top 5 (22 + 23) and Other News


Wow, has it been almost a month since my last post? Time flies when you have no idea what’s going on around you I guess 🙂

Don’t forget that Paranormal Contact Vol. 3 is free right now! Not only that, but in just a few days you will get to vote for Paranormal Contact Vol 3 for best Science Fiction book. Once the voting is open I will post a link right here!

So I’m behind on my Top 5’s lists so you are getting two of them. Back to Back. I’m a big comic book nerd. I’ve seen most of the comic books moves that have been released, so our first top 5 will take a look at my favorite comic book movies:

Honorary Mentions: Guardians Of The Galaxy, Batman (1989), Wonder Woman (Screw you, James Cameron)

5- The Dark Knight – I mean what more do I need to say other then Heath Ledger? Very rarely do you see comic book movies get Oscar nominations other then in the tech department. But Ledger (tragically) became the Joker every second he was on screen. Bale was awesome. Harvey Dent was almost a tragic hero. And it featured one of those moments i jumped up in a movie theater at a surprise (SPOILER) when it was revealed James Gordon faked his own death

4- Spider-Man 2 – Spider-Man 1 was good. But 2 took it to the next level. Partly because of the great performance of a guy like Alfred Molina. To say that he was a likeable villain is an understatement. You liked him as Dr. Octavius which made his turn into Dr. Ock even better.

3- Iron Man – The movie that started the MCU, and for good reason. When Robert Downey Jr was announced, most people scoffed. He had his own demons and wasn’t exactly a big name anymore. But I think his demons are what made him the perfect person to play Stark.

2- Captain America: The Winter Soldier – What was amazing about this movie was the different genres it covered. Comic book movie? Check. Romance? Yeah there was some of that. Political drama? Yup. Buddy movie? Damn right. Action? Big time action. And how often do you get to (SPOILER ALERT) see Robert Redford playing a baddie?

  1. The Avengers – I went to the midnight showing of this one when it first released. It was historic because it was the first time we saw a team up of such massive proportions. And it lived up to the expectations. My ONLY issue was there was a little too much forced humor (That guy’s playing Galaga?)


Tonight marks the end of season 7 of Game of Thrones. Seems like it just started. Oh wait, it did.  As I’m sure I’ve stated here before, a hero is only as good as a villain. So now we’re going to take a look at the best villains of the series.

Honorary Mentions – Euron Greyjoy, Tywin Lannister, Walder Frey

5.Joffrey – Oh what a little bitch he was. I hated him. There was no redeeming qualities of this character, but he was poised to take the throne. I mean sure he’s a little screwed up. Under the circumstances, I almost can’t blame him. When your uncle is also your dad? Yeah, that would make anyone a little messed in the head.

4. Littlefinger – I’ve said it before. I like Littlefinger. He’d probably be higher on the list if he had any actual claim to the throne. But he doesn’t. But he is one of the most calculating and devious characters on the show, which really says something if you think about it!

3. Ramsey Bolton – Talk about a guy going crazy for power. The things he did to gain power was incredible. And as despicable as the character was, the performance of Iwan Rheon, I didn’t hate him. I’m not saying I rooted for him like I do for Littlefinger, but he was hard to hate.

2. The Night King – I have a feeling that by the end of the series, The Night King will become # 1. We know very little about him as of writing of this, but he leads the army of the dead and apparently is really good at throwing a spear! Ultimately, he will probably be the ultimate bad guy in season 8.

1- Cersei – Speaking of devious and cunning, we have seen there’s nothing Cersei won’t do to sit on the throne. In her mind she’s the ONLY one worthy to sit there and she won’t stop at anything to achieve it. Honestly, I’m not a fan of the character but you can’t help but be impressed by what she will do to win.

So there you have it! What do you think? See you later in the week when I post the ways you can vote for my book (and you know I do hope you will!)




Paranormal Contact Vol. 3 Freebie & More

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Welcome back everyone! Hope you had a good weekend. I just finished watching this week’s episode of Game Of Thrones and damn do I need to catch my breath. Later in the week I will be watching Sharknado 5. And anyone who listened to the old podcasts know how I feel about Nova. Glad to see her back!

Alright, so with voting coming up soon for the Metamorph Summer Indie Awards, what better way to help then to put Paranormal Contact Volume 3 up for free leading up to voting. So you will be able to get it from August 27-31. Of course I’ll let you know as we get closer to voting how you can help me win.

Books for Free August 2017

As many of you know, it’s been a while since I released a book. I’ve been working on my Kids’ Anthology, but writing has kind of stalled on it. So while I’m keeping it on the backburner, starting next week I’m starting work on a brand new book.  It’s not going to about the paranormal at all. It will be more in the vein of “Everything Comes Full Circle” then anything else. So I will probably start up my Word Count Wednesdays as well. So look for some news on that in the upcoming weeks as well.

There’ll be a new Top 5 coming in a day or two as well. I’m open to ideas if you want to float any my way, just reach out!

In the mean time, have a good one everybody!

State Of Sales June 2017

State Of Sales

Welcome back everyone! It’s time to take a look at sales for the month of June. I hadn’t done a free sale in a while so I wanted to take the opportunity to get my name out there and boy did I?

Everything Comes Full Circle was free for a few days. It does not look like that book has found an audience. I guess I understand that. It’s a niche audience reading books about both reunions and theater. Only two people grabbed a free copy of it. But…. one person wound up paying for it. So that’s always good as well.

Paranormal Contact Vol. 1 was free as well. The numbers certainly didn’t disappoint for that one though. Day One saw 88 free copies get picked up. Day Two saw 39 more people get their copy. Day Three saw 4 more copies. So all in all, the numbers for Paranormal Contact Vol. 1 saw an increase of 131. To put that in perspective, it was the second most free books I had given away for one book in one sales period. The only higher number was 192 copies of Time Traveler’s Journal back in December of last month.

Being a part of the CKCCOnline has definitely paid off as I have a fancy new logo for our State Of Sales blogs. Next week I will be post a new scene from the book I’m working on and a Top 5 next weekend as well. So be on the look out for that.

In the mean time feel free to drop me a line if you want! Have a good and safe Fourth of July. Don’t pull a Jason Pierre-Paul. Keep all your digits

Free Book Deal!

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Hey hey hey everybody! How’s it going? Good afternoon. We made it halfway through another week, so I wanted to stop by and give you all some news. I’m going to be giving away my first two books over the course of this coming weekend and the beginning of next week. It’s been a while since I did a book deal and what better way to do that than to showcase my first books.

My first book was called “Everything Comes Full Circle”. It’s much different from any of my other books since it’s more grounded in reality. There’s nothing paranormal, nothing science fiction. What happens when you bring back the most successful theater show from a small town high school? Well that’s what you will read about if you get Everything Comes Full Circle. Fun fact, the title comes from an Aerosmith song. It’s a little bit drama and a little bit of comedy. There might even be a little romance in there.  Everything Comes Full Circle will be free from June 23 until June 25.

Official Book Cover - Everything Comes Full Circle

After that, we will step into the first part of my trilogy. “Paranormal Contact Vol. 1” will be free from June 26 to June 28th. Two group of friends who are bored with life decide to take their love of the paranormal to the next level. A contest is set up to see if aliens or ghosts exist. Jason, Greg, Shawn and Brad decide to head out west to Phoenix,AZ? Greg is a non-believer, but he’s willing to try. What will they find if anything? There’s only one way to find out!

Paranormal Contact


Two free books over the course of a few days. Not too bad. I hope if you haven’t read them yet, you will pick them up. Don’t forget to check out and the CKCC page on Facebook. Have a good rest of your week everybody! Thanks for stopping by!

State Of Sales for March 2017

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Welcome back. I started a trend last month where I’d give you some information about the sales for the previous month so we’re back for that!

February 2017 was probably my worst month as far as sales went. So I set a goal to increase sales. I started a new marketing campaign to hopefully draw some interest into my books. Guess what?

It didn’t work. How many sales did I have for all of March? That would be none. I got shut out for the month. Oh the thrills of being an independent author. It’s okay. There was a time that would have crushed me. Does it sting? Yes. Am I contemplating giving up the ghost and packing it in? To cue WWE’s Dean Ambrose.


It will always be a struggle as an independent author. I knew that going on. I was warned.

Maybe it’s because I don’t have a release date for any new book? I don’t know. Whatever the case I’m still working on the new book. And at least I’m once again getting my name out there. How?

Yes, I know today’s April Fool’s Day. My birthday is in a few days, so I wanted to give thanks to the readers. My two most successful books each have a three day window where they are free. Going on right now Paranormal Contact Vol. 3 is free. That’s good from today until Monday. Monday through Wednesday The Time Traveler’s Journal will be free as well.

Here’s a poster for the free books just to help!

Books for Free April 2017

Thanks for stopping by! New Top 5 tomorrow. As always if you have anything you’d like me to cover go ahead and comment on the page or drop me a tweet @Trel67 on Twitter. Have a good one everyone.

Second Excerpt from Kids Anthology

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Good Monday morning everybody. Hope you had a great weekend.

I’m back with one of the latest chapters I’ve written in my new book. I know I’m not doing the Word Count Wednesdays like I used to. I should try to get more into the habit of that again!

Look for some free books coming next from me. I know it will at least be one book possibly two. We shall see. More on that later this week.

Also expect a new Top 5. Or I guess this time around it will be a bottom 5. I’m sure I will get some flack for it too, but I am prepared for it!

In the mean time here we go with another chapter from the Kids’ anthology. Hopefully soon I will have a good name for it. What do you think?

Kayleen pulled the hood of her shirt over her head. It was very early morning in her village. Most of the town was still asleep. Something had been bugging her since the day before. She couldn’t shake it. It would probably get her in trouble, but Kayleen didn’t care. She wanted answers. And no one in the town would be able to give it to her. So she headed out.

She pulled open the flap to the hut. She glanced back to make sure that everyone was still asleep. There was a part of her that almost woke up her brother, but she knew he wouldn’t be quiet enough to sneak out of the village. So she would do this alone.

Kayleen stepped out of the hut and looked around. There was no one around. Luckily for her everyone was still asleep. The flap closed behind her. With her hood covering her face completely, she took off running.

Because her hut was close to the outskirts of the village it didn’t take long for her to get out without being seen. Still, she would look back behind her just in case someone woke up. The only sounds Kayleen heard were the birds above her head and the sound of her feet running against the ground.

Once she cleared the last of the huts, she knew she would be safe for a while. At least until someone realized she wasn’t in her bed.

The forest was thick around the village. It was by design to protect the villagers. But there was a small cleared out path that made walking in the woods much easier. Kayleen and Willie took that small path each time they left the village. It was a narrow walkway leading out from the village through the woods.

Kayleen ran as fast as she could. She had never disobeyed the rules of the village, at least not to this level before. Her mind kept going back to the ball that Willie had seen. She had never seen anything like that before. It certainly was too big for any human to play with, let alone lift. So who did it belong to? And more importantly where did it go after Willie saw it?

She had a hunch. But there was no way she could be right. Or was she? There was only one way for her to find out. Kayleen stopped running. She was out of breath. Her teenage body leaned against one of the tall trees as she caught her breath. She listened carefully, but heard nothing out of the ordinary for the woods.

After about five minutes of rest, she continued on her path. This time though she didn’t run. She walked faster than she normally did though, determined to get to where she was going.

It took her about fifteen more minutes before she reached the clearing. Kayleen stood there, almost paralyzed with fear. Even though she had crossed the line into the clearing before, she did it to chase after Willie. This time she doing it completely on her own. After another glance over her shoulder to make sure she wasn’t being followed, Kayleen took a deep breath. She stepped over the imaginary line from the forest to the clearing. She was out in the open now.

The mountain on the other side loomed over head again. The sun was just rising beyond the mountain. Kayleen shielded her eyes from the glare of the sun. Her feet were in motion again. She ran to the spot Willie had seen the ball last time. There was nothing in the spot still.  Her eyes looked at the spot and then into the woods in front of her.

Her eyes studied carefully. She was waiting for something to move in the woods. Something big had to have carried the ball away after all. She didn’t see anything on the ground in the woods.

But suddenly the sun was blocked out. Kayleen looked up in the sky. She couldn’t believe what she say. Kayleen fell backwards in shock as she watched in amazement.

Paranormal Contact Vol. 3

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Happy Sunday everybody! Guess what? Paranormal Contact Vol. 3 is completed! It’s edited. And it’s getting ready to be released! That’s right. This is the week. You will be able to get your hands on it on Thursday, October 27th.

Not only will you be able to get that one, but in case you haven’t read the prior books in the series, they will be free for a few days this week as well. So really, you can get three books for the price of one. Does it get any better than that? Nope!


I’m really excited for you to be able to read this book. It’s different from the previous two, but the heart is still there. All of your favorite characters come back (I hope!). If you have any questions let me know! Once again I want to thank anyone who has purchased any one of my previous books. It truly means a lot to me!

word Count Wednesday (2)

Welcome back to another Word Count Wednesday. It’s August already if you can believe that. This year is certainly flying by at what seems like a record pace.

Last week the word count was at 23,261. I talked about how close I was to hitting the half way point of the book. For those new to my style of writing, I always plan for my books to be roughly 50,000 words. I will never complain if I go over that mark or am just shy of it, but that’s always my goal. The Time Traveler’s Journal certainly exceeded the word count.

As expected this weekend, I hit that halfway mark of the book. But did I stop at 25,000? No I most certainly didn’t. Now I maybe didn’t go as far with it as I could have. I was sidetracked but other projects of course.

I was doing a lot of marketing to get the word out about my free books. Yeah. Those other projects. I did say if Sinful & Twisted Stories hit 100 downloads last week, I would release Time Traveler’s Journal for free. So, The Time Traveler’s Journal is free this week! We hit exactly 100 downloads. Jack, Jeremy, Morganna and I were thrilled with those numbers last week.

I knew the numbers would be slightly down this week, but honestly? This has been the highest amount of free downloads I’ve had for a solo book. So thank you for all those that downloaded The Time Traveler’s Journal. And if you haven’t yet? Well, you still have time. The offer is good until the end of Friday.

But this isn’t about free books today. No, today is about Word Count Wednesday. So what’s the total for the week?


If you missed it, yesterday there was a free scene from Paranormal Contact Volume 3. Go check it out and let me know what you think about it. Shoot me an email at

And look for the return of Authors Helping Authors in the next few days as well. Until then, Have a good one everybody!

More Free Books!

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As you might recall, last week the anthology Twisted & Sinful Stories was available for free. The first day it was free, it was on fire with the downloads! 42 free downloads in one day. Then the numbers started to decease each day. At about 4:00 on Friday, I noticed that we had given away 95 total books for the week. That was amazing, but I wanted more. As Jeremy and I sat down to do the podcast I decided to up the ante a little bit. I wanted 5 more downloads to 100.

So I made the bold statement that if we hit 100 downloads, I would offer up The Time Traveler’s Journal for free. I’m very protective of my latest book because I think it’s by far the best book I’ve written. But I wanted to push us over the edge. When I went to bed that night, we had only given away 1 more book. So I shrugged it off, said I did what I could.

On Saturday morning I woke up to my surprise, we had hit exactly one hundred freebies. Being a man of my word, The Time Traveler’s Journal is now free until Friday. I don’t expect to hit the kind of numbers we had last week, but it’s all about getting my name out there. So if you are curious about The Time Traveler’s Journal, pick up your free copy this week!


Today is also an important day for me as a writer. Because today is the day two years ago that I sat down and started writing my first novel Everything Comes Full Circle. My life has gone all sorts of chaotic in the past two years and there’s been very little I could truly depend on. But one of those things have been writing. In a way it has kept me centered and sane. Mostly anyway.

Tomorrow I will be back with an excerpt from Paranormal Contact Vol. 3. Until then… NOVA NOVA NOVA NOVA. Have a good one everybody!