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Excerpt Time!

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Welcome back everyone! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend so far. Summer is truly in full effect!

As you might have seen in my last blog, Paranormal Contact Vol. 3 is up for a Summer Indie Book Award through Metamorph Publishing. It’s now officially in the Paranormal Category. I mean, Of course it is :). There’s a lot of competition in the category. So my hats off to all the other authors. Good luck. In the mean time, if you’d like to pick up a copy of Paranormal Contact Vol. 3 you can at Amazon. It’s available in both paperback and e-kindle versions.

Still working on my Children’s Anthology. Here’s a scene from that book. I hope you will like it!

Willie and Kayleen huddled in the corner of their hut. There was a huge smile on Willie’s face.

“You have to show me where they were!” he said loudly. Kayleen immediately covered his mouth with her hand. Almost playfully he tugged on her shirt. Willie couldn’t control his excitement.

“Keep your voice down, Willie. And no I don’t. I shouldn’t have even told you about them.” Kayleen uncovered his mouth just as quickly

“Tell me again? Tell me what you saw?” Willie asked. His eyes were beaming with joy as he spoke. Kayleen repeated the story. She told him of watching two dragons soaring into the sky, climbing higher and higher. With each word she said, Willie just looked like he was ready to burst. When she was done, he started jumping up and down. “Will you take me to where you saw them?”

“I don’t think I should,” she replied. And just like that the excitement in Willie disappeared. He slumped forward against the wall. “Willie!”

He pouted at her. “It’s not fair! You got to see them. I didn’t!” Quickly Willie folded his arms across his chest. Kayleen felt her heart melt.

“I… there’s no way for me to guarantee that we would see them. They were near that mountain we saw, flying high in the sky. If they’re not out like I saw them, then you won’t get to see them like I did,” Kayleen responded. She could tell that her words were having absolutely no effect on Willie. There was sadness in his eyes now. It hurt Kayleen to see. She thought for a moment. “Fine, Willie. We will try. When we are allowed to go out, we will go there. But I don’t want you to be disappointed if we don’t see anything.”

Suddenly the big smile re-appeared on Willie’s face. His cheeks were hurting from smiling so big. He let go of her shirt and started jumping up and down in excitement. “Thank you, thank you thank you,” Willie repeated.

It was a few hours later than Willie and Kayleen were allowed to leave their village for a little while. Willie could hardly contain his excitement as he left his hut. He took off running. Kayleen called after him to slow down. His feet ran so far it almost appeared that they never touched the ground. Kayleen struggled to catch up to him.

It was only at the edge of the forest that she caught him. Willie was frozen. His eyes once again glued to the top of the majestic mountains. Kayleen looked to the clouds, where she had last seen the dragons flying. She saw nothing moving this time. Her eyes moved to her brother. His body was trembling.

“I told you there was a chance that you wouldn’t see them,” she said. Kayleen knelt down so she was at the same level as her brother. He refused to look at her though. His eyes squinted as he searched the skies for any movement he could see.

Dark clouds were starting to gather near the mountain. Kayleen looked down at Willie. His bottom lip quivered. Willie looked up at the clouds. “I guess we should go back before it starts raining.” He turned around and dropped his head to the ground. His small foot kicked a small rock that was near him. Kayleen draped her arm around his shoulder.

She turned around as well. They took two steps back to the village when suddenly they both heard a high pitch sound behind them. They each turned around as quickly as they could. As they did they both saw a dragon flying in the sky across the field.

The look changed just as quickly on Willie’s face. He screamed out in excitement.


Don’t forget to check out the CKCCOnline website. Bunch of good guys and girls there. I think I will do a CKCCOnline Spotlight every week to introduce you to what we have going on over there! So Today’s spotlight will be The Jersey Rain Podcast. You don’t have to be a famous celeb to have lived an interesting life. That’s the whole point of the podcast.  Normal people telling stories about their lives. I was lucky enough to be interviewed for the podcast as well as providing intros and outros for the podcast. Check out the Jersey Rain Podcast hosted by Mr. Chris O’Mealy


Second Excerpt from Kids Anthology

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Good Monday morning everybody. Hope you had a great weekend.

I’m back with one of the latest chapters I’ve written in my new book. I know I’m not doing the Word Count Wednesdays like I used to. I should try to get more into the habit of that again!

Look for some free books coming next from me. I know it will at least be one book possibly two. We shall see. More on that later this week.

Also expect a new Top 5. Or I guess this time around it will be a bottom 5. I’m sure I will get some flack for it too, but I am prepared for it!

In the mean time here we go with another chapter from the Kids’ anthology. Hopefully soon I will have a good name for it. What do you think?

Kayleen pulled the hood of her shirt over her head. It was very early morning in her village. Most of the town was still asleep. Something had been bugging her since the day before. She couldn’t shake it. It would probably get her in trouble, but Kayleen didn’t care. She wanted answers. And no one in the town would be able to give it to her. So she headed out.

She pulled open the flap to the hut. She glanced back to make sure that everyone was still asleep. There was a part of her that almost woke up her brother, but she knew he wouldn’t be quiet enough to sneak out of the village. So she would do this alone.

Kayleen stepped out of the hut and looked around. There was no one around. Luckily for her everyone was still asleep. The flap closed behind her. With her hood covering her face completely, she took off running.

Because her hut was close to the outskirts of the village it didn’t take long for her to get out without being seen. Still, she would look back behind her just in case someone woke up. The only sounds Kayleen heard were the birds above her head and the sound of her feet running against the ground.

Once she cleared the last of the huts, she knew she would be safe for a while. At least until someone realized she wasn’t in her bed.

The forest was thick around the village. It was by design to protect the villagers. But there was a small cleared out path that made walking in the woods much easier. Kayleen and Willie took that small path each time they left the village. It was a narrow walkway leading out from the village through the woods.

Kayleen ran as fast as she could. She had never disobeyed the rules of the village, at least not to this level before. Her mind kept going back to the ball that Willie had seen. She had never seen anything like that before. It certainly was too big for any human to play with, let alone lift. So who did it belong to? And more importantly where did it go after Willie saw it?

She had a hunch. But there was no way she could be right. Or was she? There was only one way for her to find out. Kayleen stopped running. She was out of breath. Her teenage body leaned against one of the tall trees as she caught her breath. She listened carefully, but heard nothing out of the ordinary for the woods.

After about five minutes of rest, she continued on her path. This time though she didn’t run. She walked faster than she normally did though, determined to get to where she was going.

It took her about fifteen more minutes before she reached the clearing. Kayleen stood there, almost paralyzed with fear. Even though she had crossed the line into the clearing before, she did it to chase after Willie. This time she doing it completely on her own. After another glance over her shoulder to make sure she wasn’t being followed, Kayleen took a deep breath. She stepped over the imaginary line from the forest to the clearing. She was out in the open now.

The mountain on the other side loomed over head again. The sun was just rising beyond the mountain. Kayleen shielded her eyes from the glare of the sun. Her feet were in motion again. She ran to the spot Willie had seen the ball last time. There was nothing in the spot still.  Her eyes looked at the spot and then into the woods in front of her.

Her eyes studied carefully. She was waiting for something to move in the woods. Something big had to have carried the ball away after all. She didn’t see anything on the ground in the woods.

But suddenly the sun was blocked out. Kayleen looked up in the sky. She couldn’t believe what she say. Kayleen fell backwards in shock as she watched in amazement.

Children’s Book Preview

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Happy Friday afternoon everybody. As promised I’m coming by to drop you the second excerpt from the children’s book I’m working on. Wait? Second excerpt? How could that be? Easy. Over a year ago I put an excerpt from a short story I started writing that I never finished. Well, that story will be finished too as part of my new children’s book.

As of right now it will only be these two short stories, but I might add a third if I can think of a truly unique idea.

So yeah, I’m trying to change up my writing style for this book. First off, and quite clearly I’m watching what I say.  When I had beta-readers on Time Traveler’s Journal I was told I write too much cursing especially the F word. That won’t fly in this book! So yeah, I’m definitely being careful with that! CLEARLY. Another thing I’m doing differently is making every chapter really short. I used to do three or four scenes per chapter. I’m making each chapter one scene. Short and sweet!

I haven’t named the book yet. But here you go. A chapter from the new Kid’s Anthology.


“Come on! Let’s go!” Willie screamed. His little legs ran through the forest as fast as they would carry him. The ground underneath him was still wet from the recent rains. Willie could hear his sister Kayleen coming in behind her. Even though she was a few years older than he was, she wasn’t as fast as him.

Willie and Kayleen raced through the woods as they did almost every day at about the same time. The rules of their village were strict, especially for kids of their age. They only had a little bit of time to play outside, so they took advantage of it.

Those rules had changed, ever since they found out about the clan of dragons. It wasn’t safe, the elders of the village would say. Even now with every last dragon gone, the elders of the village still wouldn’t let them as play much as they wanted to outside the village walls.

Kayleen and Willie didn’t care though. They just wanted to run through the woods whenever they could. Willie could see the clearing ahead. Each time they ran through the woods, the two of them would go a little further than the last time. They loved to explore, especially Willie.

He ran past the tree before the clearing. His feet just stopped running. Willie couldn’t help but stare at the imposing mountain that stood on the opposite side. Willie had never seen anything like it before. The tip of the mountain was so high in the sky that it disappeared into the clouds.

Kayleen was not expecting Willie to stop so suddenly, so she bumped into him. It caused her to slow down and stop as well.

“Watch it, Willie!” She said. “What is it?” She followed Willie’s eyes. “Woah….” Kayleen’s jaw dropped as she stared at the mountain. “I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

“Me neither,” Willie muttered. “It’s beautiful.” Willie took another step, his foot touching the clearing for the first time. Kayleen reached out with her hand and put it across Willie’s shoulders.

“We both know that we’ve gone farther than we should have. We could get into trouble if anyone knew where we were,” she uttered. Kayleen’s eyes never left the imposing mountain in front of her, even as she tugged on Willie’s shirt to pull him back.“Let’s go back.”

Willie looked up at her with sadness in his eyes. “There are no more dragons. We should be able to play where ever we want. Whenever we want, Kay.”

Kayleen lowered to one knee and looked him in the eyes. “I agree with you. But that’s not up to us to say. We don’t make the rules. The elders do.”  She gave another tug on his shirt. Finally she grabbed him with both arms and yanked him harder. Willie stumbled backwards.

“Oh all right. I’ll go,” he said. His voice detected sadness. Willie was about to turn around and head back to the village. But something in the grass caught his eye. “Kay? I know we’re not allowed to go any further. But I see something. I think it’s safe,” he said. Willie didn’t give his older sister a chance to respond. He ran over to his right. Kayleen shook her head and took off after him, calling his name in frustration.

Willie arrived at what he saw first. It was a grey and silver ball with emblems of fire painted all over it. The ball itself was bigger than Willie’s head. He crotched down at it and tried to lift it. He strained and groaned, but was unable to budge it. Kayleen ran next to him flustered.

“Willie! We need to go back! If we don’t, you know what kind of trouble we can get into?” she screamed at him. She wasn’t paying attention to the ball Willie found. Her attention was behind her. She knew if they didn’t return to their village someone would come looking for them. “Come on Willie. If you don’t come with me, you’ll be on your own!”

“Kay? Look at this. I wonder what it is,” Willie said. He was fascinated by the size of the ball. “I don’t even know if anyone in the village would be able to lift this.” He glanced up at the mountain that was now just a little bit closer. “I wonder who this belongs to?”

Behind them, voices rang out. The voices were calling their names.

“Come on Willie. They’re coming! We gotta go,” Kayleen shouted. She picked up her younger brother and turned around. They ran back towards their village. “We’re right here,” Kayleen called back.


The next time I come to you will be this weekend! I have two blogs planned. One will be a new Top 5. And of course, Super Bowl LI is this Sunday so we gotta talk predictions. If you have an idea for a Top 5 let me know! Until then have a good one everybody!

PC Vol. 3 Excerpt

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With Paranormal Contact Vol. 3 officially halfway  done (more on that tomorrow for Word Count Wednesday) I thought it was time for me to show you a little bit more about the book. This might not be the best scene for me to show you, only because it’s heavy on the paranormal contact aspect of it, but I wanted to get you excited for the book. I know it’s short. I will probably add a little bit more to it before it’s released. Tell me what you think?


The room was completely dark, except for a small candle on a table in the corner of the room. A shadowy figure sat in the room in silence for a few moments before speaking.

“If there is anyone here, please give me a sign of your presence. If you’d like you can blow out the candle I have set up here on the table?” Jason spoke. “If not you can touch me if you’d like. Tap on my shoulder maybe?” He sat in silence again just listening around him. “Perhaps you’d like to tap on the wall? Maybe finish this pattern?” Jason knocked twice quickly in succession. He looked around the room, waiting for a sound.

When it didn’t happen, he stood from the chair. He fumbled in the dark for the flashlight on the table. Quickly, Jason switched it on. The room was a little brighter. The light scanned the room. Out of the corner of his eye, Jason thought he saw something.

Immediately he turned around to look in the direction of the closet. The closet door was partially open. He moved quickly towards the door and flashed his light into the small space. Dress shirts were hung up in the closet. Jason looked in all directions, even pushing some of the shirts to the side. But he saw nothing. Jason pushed the shirts back to where they were before moving towards the center of the room again.

“If that was you that I just saw for a second, please let me know? I don’t mean to harm you. I’m not here to scare you either. I’m just here to document your presence,” Jason called out. “Were you the person that Mario saw in his bed?”

There was silence throughout the room. Jason switched off his flashlight again. He put his hand on the foot of the bed. His heard turned slowly from side to side as he examined the room. Jason walked slowly out of the room into the hallway. He flipped on his flashlight again. Jason’s hand grasped the wooden banister as he moved towards the staircase down. Instead of going down the steps, he sat down on the top step. Jason set the flashlight face down on the ground. Once again he was in darkness.

The silence was broken by one of the steps creaking for just a moment. Jason suddenly felt cold. Goosebumps ran up and down his arms. He reached for the flashlight, but immediately pulled his hand back.

“Is that you? Are you here with me?” Jason called out. He heard a small creak behind him. Jason turned around in the darkness. He stood up slowly. The floorboards under him creaked again, but it was a different sound. Jason looked down at his feet.

Suddenly a noise got Jason’s attention. A small bang from down the hall with an even softer clicking sound. Jason bent down and picked up the flashlight. He noticed that the door all the way down the hall was closed. Jason took several large strides until he was at the other end of the hall. His hand grasped the silver doorknob. Instantly, his hand felt like he was holding a piece of ice. He pulled his hand off of it.

“Did you go back into the room? Are you in there now?” Jason called out. He grabbed the bottom of his shirt and used that to grasp the door knob. The door opened slowly. He looked around the room in a frenzy. The closet door was open. Two of the shirts that previously been hanging in the closet were now on the floor. He rushed towards the closet and frantically looked around with the flashlight.

There was nothing out of the ordinary. The look of excitement that was on Jason’s face slowly transformed into one of confusion as he slumped down to his knees.



Last No Word Count Wednesday

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Tomorrow I’m getting back on track and writing like a demon. I did a little writing lately, but enough to warrant a word count update. So that will be next Wednesday.

I had also been quietly working on another project here and there. But I have decided to delay it. I’m putting it off for one reason. It’s violent. It’s the most violent book I have ever written, and quite frankly there’s enough violence in the world as it is. I don’t want to contribute to it. So instead, I have gone forward with another side project to counteract the violence in the world. It’s something I had mentioned in a previous blog, but now it’s happening! Stay tuned for more details on that one!

To make up for the lack of Word Count Wednesdays, I’m also here to give you the first brand new excerpt from Paranormal Contact Vol. 3. It involves a side story as to not give away major details of the main story line. Get ready to meet some new characters! Hope you will like it!


Matthew and Paul stumbled out of a wooded area. The car was parked near them. Both of them were covered in dirt, from their heads to their toes.

“I’m sorry we couldn’t find her,” Matthew said. He put his hand on his younger brother’s shoulder to reassure him. Paul’s face was covered more with dirt than Matthew’s was. Paul ran his hands over his face, trying to clear it a little better.

“Thanks. I just hope she’s okay. We were out all night. I’m worried about her. We didn’t see any sign of anyone out there,” Paul muttered. The two of them reached the car. Paul leaned back against the hood of the car and just rested for a minute. “No sign of her. No sign of her father either.”

Matthew rested next to him against the side of the car. “At least we didn’t see any signs of the creature,” Matthew joked. Paul wasn’t amused at his joke. “Come on, man. I’m just trying to lighten the mood.”

Paul pushed himself up by his palms and opened the driver’s side door. He slammed the door shut. Matthew got into the passenger’s side of the door. “I told you. I’m worried about her. Morganna is out there. Somewhere. And we’re leaving? Without her?”

“I’m worried too. But there’s nothing else we can do.”

“Nothing else we can do? Are you kidding me?” Paul slammed his fists against the wheel, hitting the horn. “We can go back out there and find her!”

“Paul? Listen to yourself? She had at least an hour head start on us. And since we went looking for her and now double backed to the car, who knows how far ahead she is!” Matthew said, trying to reason with Paul. “We don’t even know where she started her search. I don’t know if you know this or not, but there’s a lot of woods to cover.” Paul looked down at the floor, dejected. “You had to know deep down that we weren’t going to find her. Right?” He didn’t say anything. Instead he took out the car keys and started the car. “You know Morganna better than I do. You know she’s strong. She will be fine.”

A little bit later, the car pulled in front of Matthew’s place. Paul glanced over at Matthew as he left the car idling in the street. “Thanks for coming to look with me. I know it might not seem like it, but I do appreciate your help.”

“I know you’re stressed out, Paul. I’m sure if the shoe was on the other foot, I’d be freaking out too.’ Matthew said. Paul just looked at him with a slight nod of his head. “What are you up to for the rest of the day?”

“After you get out of the car, I’m going to go back and look for Morganna. And this time I’m not going to leave until I find her.” Paul had a serious look on his face. “One way or another, I’m going to find her.”

“Paul? You can’t be serious?”

“I’m damn serious. My girlfriend is probably lost in the middle of the fucking woods. And I’m not just going to leave her out there. I’m going to go find her. And hopefully her father. And then leave this fucking place and never come back!” Paul glared at across the car. “Now if you wouldn’t mind, please get the hell out of the car!”


“Matthew? Get the hell out of the car. NOW!” Paul shouted.

“At least come inside? Take a quick shower. Rest up. Get something to eat. Then you can go.”

Paul shook his head. He tightened his fist against the steering wheel. “You’re wasting my daylight. Don’t make me after to tell you again to get out.”

Matthew threw his hands up in frustration. “Whatever. I’m just trying to help.” Matthew undid his seatbelt and swung the door open quickly. “Good luck.”

He stepped out of the car and slammed the door. Paul peeled out, kicking up dust as he drove off.