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My Biggest Concern about “Everything Comes Full Circle”

The original intent of the novel was to be 90 pages. That was always my target goal. I had doubts at first that I would have enough material to fit the 90 pages, but now I am proud to announce that due to a late expanded story line 90 pages is a goal that will not only be met, but achieved. Probably not by much, but it will definitely be at least 90 pages. As of this writing I am on page 80 with a lot of story still to be told. As it stands the story is 40,218 words long

Now that length isn’t a concern, I still have one more. Because the original source material is a screenplay, a vast majority of it is dialogue and not actions or descriptions. I hope that will not be a distraction to the reader. It is something I am looking to make some changes to as I go back and edit it. I have lost count of how many times the word “said” as be written. There are some scenes where there are some scenes I have been able to put a little bit of action and movement into, some that is severely lacking.

I am definitely in the home stretch though. I hope that everyone who reads it will like it!