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Paranormal Contact Vol. 3 Freebie & More

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Welcome back everyone! Hope you had a good weekend. I just finished watching this week’s episode of Game Of Thrones and damn do I need to catch my breath. Later in the week I will be watching Sharknado 5. And anyone who listened to the old podcasts know how I feel about Nova. Glad to see her back!

Alright, so with voting coming up soon for the Metamorph Summer Indie Awards, what better way to help then to put Paranormal Contact Volume 3 up for free leading up to voting. So you will be able to get it from August 27-31. Of course I’ll let you know as we get closer to voting how you can help me win.

Books for Free August 2017

As many of you know, it’s been a while since I released a book. I’ve been working on my Kids’ Anthology, but writing has kind of stalled on it. So while I’m keeping it on the backburner, starting next week I’m starting work on a brand new book.  It’s not going to about the paranormal at all. It will be more in the vein of “Everything Comes Full Circle” then anything else. So I will probably start up my Word Count Wednesdays as well. So look for some news on that in the upcoming weeks as well.

There’ll be a new Top 5 coming in a day or two as well. I’m open to ideas if you want to float any my way, just reach out!

In the mean time, have a good one everybody!

Holy Moley!

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Good evening everyone. Do I have some news for you? Are you sitting down? Luckily for me, I was sitting down when I got the news.

Metamorph Publishing is a small press publishing company that was founded by independent author Markie Madden. She understands the struggles of being an independent author because she is one! Well, to help out those authors she has created a yearly award contest for indy writers. There are many different categories and a lot of great authors have been nominated this year.

One of those authors is me! Paranormal Contact Vol. 3 has been nominated and I’m beyond words! Voting will begin in a few weeks, so if you are interested in helping me out, check back here in a little bit and I will share how you can do that!

Paranormal Contact Vol 3 (award nominee)


Have a good one everybody!

Help a friend

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Happy Labor Day weekend everyone. Hope you’re having a good weekend! Picnic? Let me know what time and I’ll be there!

The world of independent writing is a tricky one. So sometimes you need to call in a few favors. My business partner Jeremy Croston was nominated for an award last week, but he needs votes. So if you get a moment, the Two Dudes Brews & Books could use your help. About 2/3 of the way down you will see The Negative Man: City Of Chaos. Go ahead and click that and submit it.

You rock!

The Negative Man: City Of Chaos – Vote here!

On behalf of Jeremy, thank you!

I’m speechless right now…

Good morning/afternoon/evening readers.

For those of you that don’t really know me as a person, I’m loud. I can be obnoxious at times (Truth be told, who can’t?). I have the mouth of an Italian sailor on shore leave for ten hours. So for me to be at a total loss for words is a rarity. But I am right now. Why?

Here’s why. My business partner Jeremy Croston ( was nominated for an award for his book The Cactus Killer recently. His professor from school is part of the team that makes those nominations. In an effort to help me be a better writer, Jeremy showed him Paranormal Contact Volume One. He was impressed by it! Sure, it’s not perfect as someone here recently told me. Nominations had all ready been announced, so my book isn’t truly eligible. But he gave me a special nomination anyway and said “This is to make sure you get a book ready for next year’s contest”. Rest assured Mr. O’Brien I am hard at work. Thank you for the inspiration!

While the name of our company is Two Dudes, Brews and Books there is a third honorary member to our team. His name is Jack Crosby. If you read Paranormal Contact Volume One (and I really hoped that you did!) you know both Jack and Jeremy show up as exaggerated versions of themselves. Well, Jack has released his second book today. It’s called Old War Stories. It’s a sequel to his first book Death Among Us. If you’re fans of books full with demons and sex and violence and sex and violence and sex and a little more violence, you need to be reading his books. They are available right now on