Top 5 (21) (Spoilers ahead)


Welcome back everyone! There’s so much happening in the world of pop culture that I don’t know what to do! Comicon is getting ready to start in San Diego and D23 is just ending in Anaheim. Today is National Ice Cream Day too. I hope you had some Ice Cream.  I did and I will probably have some more because well it’s ice cream.

But today’s Top 5 is going to be a return to the very first Top 5. We’re talking Game of Thrones just hours ahead of the premiere of Season 7. We’re going to take a look at the Top 5 moments of the series. There’s so many moments that I could easily do a top 100. But I won’t. I will spare you of that! Even limiting it to 5 plus 7 honorary mentions was hard! Keep in mind that as we go forward there will be Spoilers ahead. So don’t read if you haven’t seen the first six seasons!

Honorary Mentions: Viserys Death,  Hodor’s Death, The Trial of Tyrion, Jon Snow’s death and subsequent revival, The Kingslayer loses a hand, Jamie gives Bran a push (out a window), Arya Gets her Revenge on Walder Frey

5. Danerys is Fireproof. It’s really happened twice in the series. Both moments were huge.  It shows how tough she will be in a fight to go with her spirit.

4. Tyrion Slaps Joffrey, many times. I know a lot of people would have loved to slap him. But it was Tyrion who got to do it. Joffrey was giving orders to the soldiers, but Joffrey thought he knew better. He tried to pull rank as King, but Tyrion would have none of it! Several slaps later and Joffrey finally backed off his uncle. This scene is more of a guilty pleasure than one that more impacted the course of events.

3, Battle Of The Bastards – This was a perfect example of what happens when a large scale war breaks out. We had seen large fights before, but there was something even more personal about it. It looked like Jon Snow was defeated but an unexpected save was made by Littlefinger to change the balance of the fight. Sansa ultimately got her revenge in the end.

2. Red Wedding. This was a moment that I should have seen coming, I didn’t. The slaughter of almost all the wedding guests was one thing, but killing Catelyn, Rob, Talisa and their unborn baby in such gory fashion was just so crazy. I would stop going to weddings in Westoros if I were any of them

1- Ned’s Death. Without a doubt the most shocking moment in the entire series. I remember sitting at home watching the end of season 1 thinking “There is no way they could kill the main character after 9 episodes. Turns out they can. One could even say that this one moment started the true Game of Thrones.

This week’s CKCCOnline Spotlight goes to Heather Quinn Cosplay. She’s an old friend of mine and one hell of a cosplayer. Some of her favorite cosplay characters are Ariel,  Wonder Woman and Quorra from Tron.  Check her out!

Alright, time to sit back and get ready for Game Of Thrones season 7. And remember! Be mindful of those that don’t get to watch it live! Be Spoiler free when discussing it online!


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