Free Book Deal!

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Hey hey hey everybody! How’s it going? Good afternoon. We made it halfway through another week, so I wanted to stop by and give you all some news. I’m going to be giving away my first two books over the course of this coming weekend and the beginning of next week. It’s been a while since I did a book deal and what better way to do that than to showcase my first books.

My first book was called “Everything Comes Full Circle”. It’s much different from any of my other books since it’s more grounded in reality. There’s nothing paranormal, nothing science fiction. What happens when you bring back the most successful theater show from a small town high school? Well that’s what you will read about if you get Everything Comes Full Circle. Fun fact, the title comes from an Aerosmith song. It’s a little bit drama and a little bit of comedy. There might even be a little romance in there.  Everything Comes Full Circle will be free from June 23 until June 25.

Official Book Cover - Everything Comes Full Circle

After that, we will step into the first part of my trilogy. “Paranormal Contact Vol. 1” will be free from June 26 to June 28th. Two group of friends who are bored with life decide to take their love of the paranormal to the next level. A contest is set up to see if aliens or ghosts exist. Jason, Greg, Shawn and Brad decide to head out west to Phoenix,AZ? Greg is a non-believer, but he’s willing to try. What will they find if anything? There’s only one way to find out!

Paranormal Contact


Two free books over the course of a few days. Not too bad. I hope if you haven’t read them yet, you will pick them up. Don’t forget to check out and the CKCC page on Facebook. Have a good rest of your week everybody! Thanks for stopping by!


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