Dealing with a Troll

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I think one of my favorite things on late night TV is on the Jimmy Kimmel show. He does a segment called “Mean Tweets.” The whole point of is it for celebrities to read and possibly respond to mean tweets that people write about them on Twitter.

My story isn’t about Twitter, but about this very blog. Two weeks ago I wrote about my sales for March of 2017. Well, someone was “nice” (cough cough) to respond to my blog. The gist of his comment was “You suck as an author. That’s why no one bought your book. Only your family and your girlfriend reads your books, which are shitty. So what do you expect?” This isn’t someone who is actually an author himself and doesn’t have his own blog for me to respond to. Weirdly, I checked the IP address and it’s from Russia. Maybe whoever it was has seen all my tweets about Donald Trump being an agent for Russia. Maybe it was Vladimir Putin himself. I don’t know. Regardless, I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank the person for taking five seconds out of his life to comment on me. It means so very little to me what your opinion is. I know I’m not everyone’s cup of tea. But to go out of your way just to be negative shows me more about what you’re like as a person than it does about my writing.

I do hope you will respond to this, but if you’re like a common bully you won’t since I’m calling you out on your BS. But I do want to thank you for showing me I’m on my way to being a celebrity. They deal with people like this daily. Good practice!

Have a good one everybody!



3 thoughts on “Dealing with a Troll”

  1. You have the biggest ego of anybody I’ve ever seen if you a) think Vladimir Putin would be reading your shitty blog and b) wrote an entire entry for your non fans just about me.


    1. Hey Joe! Welcome back! You misunderstand me. It’s not that I have “the biggest ego” I’m sarcastic. It was a joke. Lighten up a little, pal. I’m sorry that you think my blog is shitty. Although I do have to ask if you are a non fan and you think my blog is shitty, why do you keep coming back?


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