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I don’t have a graphic for a Bottom 5, so yeah, you will just have to deal with my lightning bolt!

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Everyone has their favorite movies. But one thing I’ve learned is one person’s favorite movie is someone’s least favorite! There are several movies that people have told me about that are great that I just couldn’t stand. So we’re going to take a look at some of those movies. I’m sure my choices will annoy some people.

5- History Of The World Part 1 – I remember watching this about ten years ago. In fact, I bought the DVD because it was on sale.  And sitting through the entire movie I remember laughing a total of one time. “What do we always say? F*ck the poor!”

4- A Clockwork Orange – You know what? I couldn’t even tell you what the point of this movie was. I saw it back in college because everyone kept telling me how awesome of a movie it was. And honestly all I can remember is the thing with poking him in the eye with a sharp needle. I remember cringing at that. And yeah, that’s it.

3-Blazing Saddles – Mel Brooks is great. I normally like his movies. But the fact that this is his second entry on the list slightly bothers me.

2- Pulp Fiction – It’s rare that I can’t sit through a movie. Maybe I wasn’t in the right frame of mind when I watched Pulp Fiction when I saw it in 1999. I got up to Christopher Walken’s first scene and I just couldn’t go any further.

1- Annie Hall. I had heard how great Annie Hall was, and how great Woody Allen was. And last year I decided to go head and finally watch the movie. Ten minutes into the movie, I was bored. And I remained bored throughout the rest of the movie. I finally have seen a Woody Allen movie that I actually enjoyed though recently though.

What about you? What movies do you hate that everyone seems to love?


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