Second Excerpt from Kids Anthology

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Good Monday morning everybody. Hope you had a great weekend.

I’m back with one of the latest chapters I’ve written in my new book. I know I’m not doing the Word Count Wednesdays like I used to. I should try to get more into the habit of that again!

Look for some free books coming next from me. I know it will at least be one book possibly two. We shall see. More on that later this week.

Also expect a new Top 5. Or I guess this time around it will be a bottom 5. I’m sure I will get some flack for it too, but I am prepared for it!

In the mean time here we go with another chapter from the Kids’ anthology. Hopefully soon I will have a good name for it. What do you think?

Kayleen pulled the hood of her shirt over her head. It was very early morning in her village. Most of the town was still asleep. Something had been bugging her since the day before. She couldn’t shake it. It would probably get her in trouble, but Kayleen didn’t care. She wanted answers. And no one in the town would be able to give it to her. So she headed out.

She pulled open the flap to the hut. She glanced back to make sure that everyone was still asleep. There was a part of her that almost woke up her brother, but she knew he wouldn’t be quiet enough to sneak out of the village. So she would do this alone.

Kayleen stepped out of the hut and looked around. There was no one around. Luckily for her everyone was still asleep. The flap closed behind her. With her hood covering her face completely, she took off running.

Because her hut was close to the outskirts of the village it didn’t take long for her to get out without being seen. Still, she would look back behind her just in case someone woke up. The only sounds Kayleen heard were the birds above her head and the sound of her feet running against the ground.

Once she cleared the last of the huts, she knew she would be safe for a while. At least until someone realized she wasn’t in her bed.

The forest was thick around the village. It was by design to protect the villagers. But there was a small cleared out path that made walking in the woods much easier. Kayleen and Willie took that small path each time they left the village. It was a narrow walkway leading out from the village through the woods.

Kayleen ran as fast as she could. She had never disobeyed the rules of the village, at least not to this level before. Her mind kept going back to the ball that Willie had seen. She had never seen anything like that before. It certainly was too big for any human to play with, let alone lift. So who did it belong to? And more importantly where did it go after Willie saw it?

She had a hunch. But there was no way she could be right. Or was she? There was only one way for her to find out. Kayleen stopped running. She was out of breath. Her teenage body leaned against one of the tall trees as she caught her breath. She listened carefully, but heard nothing out of the ordinary for the woods.

After about five minutes of rest, she continued on her path. This time though she didn’t run. She walked faster than she normally did though, determined to get to where she was going.

It took her about fifteen more minutes before she reached the clearing. Kayleen stood there, almost paralyzed with fear. Even though she had crossed the line into the clearing before, she did it to chase after Willie. This time she doing it completely on her own. After another glance over her shoulder to make sure she wasn’t being followed, Kayleen took a deep breath. She stepped over the imaginary line from the forest to the clearing. She was out in the open now.

The mountain on the other side loomed over head again. The sun was just rising beyond the mountain. Kayleen shielded her eyes from the glare of the sun. Her feet were in motion again. She ran to the spot Willie had seen the ball last time. There was nothing in the spot still.  Her eyes looked at the spot and then into the woods in front of her.

Her eyes studied carefully. She was waiting for something to move in the woods. Something big had to have carried the ball away after all. She didn’t see anything on the ground in the woods.

But suddenly the sun was blocked out. Kayleen looked up in the sky. She couldn’t believe what she say. Kayleen fell backwards in shock as she watched in amazement.


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