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Ahh another weekend is over. Hope you are gearing up for a good week ahead of us. I know I am. At least I’m sure as heck going to try.

So quick update, I wrote two chapters for the Kid’s Anthology today. It’s coming along quite nicely. That outline definitely is helping me when I get stuck. Next week there will definitely be a little bit of an excerpt coming from it, I think. There’ll also be an update on some free books coming your way as well. Because I can.

So there’s a new Beauty and The Beast movie out in theaters. I don’t know if you heard. I’m sure you did, unless you’re living under a rock. That’s the new trend, take Disney movies and make them live action. We’ve seen it with Pete’s Dragon and Jungle Book among others. And there’s more coming. I know they are making a live action Mulan and Dumbo movie too. So we shall see. But I thought right now we’d take a look at some of the classics as I rank my Top 5 Disney or Pixar movies.

Honorary Mentions – The Incredibles,  Wreck It Ralph, Up

5. Toy Story 2 – Confession time, I haven’t seen Toy Story 1 or 3. I own 3, but I haven’t watched it. I have my reasons for not seeing it, but I hope to change that soon enough! But 2 is very good. Such a unique concept. As great as Hanks and Allen are, what makes this movie for me is the supporting characters.

4. Hercules – Speaking of supporting characters, Hercules is guilty of this too. I’m a fan of Pain and Panic. But to me the movie is made because of James Woods as Hades. He’s absolutely brilliant with his deadpan delivery. He would definitely go on my list of Disney villains.

3. The Lion King – While the first two on the list is about the supporting cast, this is primarily about the two main characters. The Good vs The Bad. Simba vs Scar. Sure Timon and Pumbaa make great comic relief and Rafiki is awesome too, but Matthew Broderick and Jeremy Irons were absolutely perfect in their roles.

2. Lilo & Stitch – Is Stitch a perfect movie? No. It slightly drags a little in the middle. But from the moment Lilo punches her classmate at the beginning of the movie, you know you’re watching something much different from the usual Disney movie. And when she meets the chaotic but adorable Stitch, it’s on. It’s an a-typical movie as well since it doesn’t have a romance in it.

  1. Aladdin – Without Robin Williams, Aladdin is a great movie. With Robin Williams, Aladdin is an amazingly awesome movie. A hero is only as good as his villain. Jafar is a power hunger villain who will do anything to get that power. Scott Weigner is great as Aladdin. And of course the music of Aladdin is great too. Jasmine as a character is a strong female character who is willing to oppose her father to get what she wants. Plus she has a pet tiger. Who doesn’t want a pet Tiger?

There you have. My top 5 Disney movies. Thank you for reading. Have a good one everybody!


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