State of Sales for Feb 2017

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I want to start a new feature at the start of every month. This will be to give you the readers a look at my sales for the previous month. Sometimes it’s going to be a good month. Others, well it will be like February of 2017.

I know that as an independent author, there are going to be some slow times. It’s hard out there for an author like me when there’s so many options for readers to look into. I also know that I don’t do the best job marketing my books sometimes, so it’s something I need to do a better job at. Because I know it’s my fault, I’m not going to complain about sales.

To help spark some sales (hopefully), I’m looking to give away some free books. Whenever I give away Time Traveler’s Journal I have great turn out so that’s definitely in the running. I also haven’t given away Paranormal Contact Vol. 3 yet, so I’m looking into that as well. But I’m open to other suggestions as well.

So, last month I had  two sales. I don’t know if you bought the book and you’re reading this blog, if you did thank you. I appreciate it. My goal for the month is to triple it. I know it’s not setting any world record but as an author starting out on my own these days I have to set my goals small.

Twisted & Sinful Stories keeps chugging along. Since it’s debut in May 2016 has sold at least one copy every month. That says a lot about the writing of the other great authors that contributed to the book, Morganna Williams, Jeremy Croston and Jack Crosby. It is the most successful book with my name on it.

The other book with a sale last month was Paranormal Contact Vol. 2. I think I’ve said it before, but PC Vol. 2 is my favorite book in the series and my second favorite book I’ve written.

This weekend there will be a new Top 5 so keep your eye out for that. I’ll be back with some more updates as well soon. So have a good one everybody!


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