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Holy Cow! Regardless of your feelings of either team, you gotta respect last night’s game. First overtime game in Super Bowl history? My hat’s off to both teams!

One of my favorite authors is John Grisham. I’ve read many of his books so since this is a blog from a writer, I thought I would take an opportunity to give a shout out to another author. So here’s my top 5 Grisham books.

Honorary Mentions – The Racketeer, The Litigators, The Rainmaker

5. Sycamore Row – This is a sequel to the # 1 book on this list. A rich man is found hung on his property. He has specific demands to his will. Most of his money is to go to his maid. His children are pissed. People begin to talk. Was he sleeping with his maid? Or is there something more to why he changed his will to make her benefit. Or was he the one to change it at all? The question of wealth and race is the main topic of the book.

4. The Client – What happens when two young brothers witness a suicide of a lawyer who is being chased by the mob? One of them is stunned into becoming catatonic. The other now becomes a target of the mob. He finds a lawyer that will accept his case for a dollar. Will the two children be protected long enough to confess to what they know?

3. The Confession – Wow is this book messed up (in a good way) or what? Basic gist of the book is about a man who murders a high school cheerleader. He watches a student takes the fall for the crime he committed.  Travis (the killer) is dying now from a brain tumor. He wants to make it right. But no one believes him. Is he able to set an innocent man free before they both die?

2. Bleachers – This is a huge departure from Grisham. Most of his books are about trials and law. Not this one! This is about a football team coming back together years later when they found out their coach is dying. There’s a secret that’s been quiet for too long. And as the minutes tick to their coach’s death, the secret slowly becomes revealed. It’s humorous and tragic at times. And it’s a much shorter novel than the average Grisham book as well.

1) A Time To Kill – This would be the first Grisham book I read from cover to cover. I had seen the movie and then read the book. There’s not a lot of changes from book to screen, but there’s one major subplot left out of the movie. It takes place in the deep south. An African American man is put on trial for killing the two men who raped his young daughter and the young fresh face lawyer who agrees to represent him. It’s powerful, especially in the current times that we live.

There you have. There’s definitely a few others I will be checking out in the near future. Thanks for checking in and have a good one everybody! I’ll be back in a few days with some more updates. Don’t forget to buy The Heart Wants What The Heart Wants by Austin Graves, now on sale on Amazon.

Have a Good one everybody


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