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Happy Friday afternoon everybody. As promised I’m coming by to drop you the second excerpt from the children’s book I’m working on. Wait? Second excerpt? How could that be? Easy. Over a year ago I put an excerpt from a short story I started writing that I never finished. Well, that story will be finished too as part of my new children’s book.

As of right now it will only be these two short stories, but I might add a third if I can think of a truly unique idea.

So yeah, I’m trying to change up my writing style for this book. First off, and quite clearly I’m watching what I say.  When I had beta-readers on Time Traveler’s Journal I was told I write too much cursing especially the F word. That won’t fly in this book! So yeah, I’m definitely being careful with that! CLEARLY. Another thing I’m doing differently is making every chapter really short. I used to do three or four scenes per chapter. I’m making each chapter one scene. Short and sweet!

I haven’t named the book yet. But here you go. A chapter from the new Kid’s Anthology.


“Come on! Let’s go!” Willie screamed. His little legs ran through the forest as fast as they would carry him. The ground underneath him was still wet from the recent rains. Willie could hear his sister Kayleen coming in behind her. Even though she was a few years older than he was, she wasn’t as fast as him.

Willie and Kayleen raced through the woods as they did almost every day at about the same time. The rules of their village were strict, especially for kids of their age. They only had a little bit of time to play outside, so they took advantage of it.

Those rules had changed, ever since they found out about the clan of dragons. It wasn’t safe, the elders of the village would say. Even now with every last dragon gone, the elders of the village still wouldn’t let them as play much as they wanted to outside the village walls.

Kayleen and Willie didn’t care though. They just wanted to run through the woods whenever they could. Willie could see the clearing ahead. Each time they ran through the woods, the two of them would go a little further than the last time. They loved to explore, especially Willie.

He ran past the tree before the clearing. His feet just stopped running. Willie couldn’t help but stare at the imposing mountain that stood on the opposite side. Willie had never seen anything like it before. The tip of the mountain was so high in the sky that it disappeared into the clouds.

Kayleen was not expecting Willie to stop so suddenly, so she bumped into him. It caused her to slow down and stop as well.

“Watch it, Willie!” She said. “What is it?” She followed Willie’s eyes. “Woah….” Kayleen’s jaw dropped as she stared at the mountain. “I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

“Me neither,” Willie muttered. “It’s beautiful.” Willie took another step, his foot touching the clearing for the first time. Kayleen reached out with her hand and put it across Willie’s shoulders.

“We both know that we’ve gone farther than we should have. We could get into trouble if anyone knew where we were,” she uttered. Kayleen’s eyes never left the imposing mountain in front of her, even as she tugged on Willie’s shirt to pull him back.“Let’s go back.”

Willie looked up at her with sadness in his eyes. “There are no more dragons. We should be able to play where ever we want. Whenever we want, Kay.”

Kayleen lowered to one knee and looked him in the eyes. “I agree with you. But that’s not up to us to say. We don’t make the rules. The elders do.”  She gave another tug on his shirt. Finally she grabbed him with both arms and yanked him harder. Willie stumbled backwards.

“Oh all right. I’ll go,” he said. His voice detected sadness. Willie was about to turn around and head back to the village. But something in the grass caught his eye. “Kay? I know we’re not allowed to go any further. But I see something. I think it’s safe,” he said. Willie didn’t give his older sister a chance to respond. He ran over to his right. Kayleen shook her head and took off after him, calling his name in frustration.

Willie arrived at what he saw first. It was a grey and silver ball with emblems of fire painted all over it. The ball itself was bigger than Willie’s head. He crotched down at it and tried to lift it. He strained and groaned, but was unable to budge it. Kayleen ran next to him flustered.

“Willie! We need to go back! If we don’t, you know what kind of trouble we can get into?” she screamed at him. She wasn’t paying attention to the ball Willie found. Her attention was behind her. She knew if they didn’t return to their village someone would come looking for them. “Come on Willie. If you don’t come with me, you’ll be on your own!”

“Kay? Look at this. I wonder what it is,” Willie said. He was fascinated by the size of the ball. “I don’t even know if anyone in the village would be able to lift this.” He glanced up at the mountain that was now just a little bit closer. “I wonder who this belongs to?”

Behind them, voices rang out. The voices were calling their names.

“Come on Willie. They’re coming! We gotta go,” Kayleen shouted. She picked up her younger brother and turned around. They ran back towards their village. “We’re right here,” Kayleen called back.


The next time I come to you will be this weekend! I have two blogs planned. One will be a new Top 5. And of course, Super Bowl LI is this Sunday so we gotta talk predictions. If you have an idea for a Top 5 let me know! Until then have a good one everybody!


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