Top 5 (13)


Welcome back to another Top 5! I figured today we would talk about one of my favorite actors of all time. He was big in the 80’s and 90’s, then he disappeared for many years before making a huge return. He’s been in several movies in a row that have won the Oscar Best Picture lately. Who am I talking about? The one, the only…. Michael Keaton!

Honorable Mentions: Birdman, Mr. Mom, Gung Ho, Multiplicity

5- The Other Guys – Sure he was more of a supporting player in this one. But as the police Captain who may or may not be obsessed with the band TLC, he’s hysterical. It’s hard to hold your own against Will Ferrell sometimes, but Keaton was able to do it.

4- Johnny Dangerously – Michael Keaton as a gangster isn’t that believable. But he is so good in it that it doesn’t matter. It takes place in the 1930’s. Keaton as the title character being chased by his brother, the D.A. One of my favorite lines is from Joe Piscopo. No matter what happened to his character he would always say “My mother did this to me once… ONCE.” For example… My mother hung me from the back of the door once…. ONCE!”

3- The Dream Team – Michael Keaton as an insane patient leading other patients through NYC while they look for their kidnapped doctor? Add in Christopher Lloyd, Peter Boyle and Stephen Furst as other patients and you have the definition of the word crazy!

2- Beetlejuice – Even though he’s the title character, Keaton probably has 4th most screen time in the movie. But the time he was on screen he was awesome as the ghost with the most. He was funny and creepy. It’s hard to walk that line. Few people could pull it off. The original idea for Beetlejuice was to be more horror than what we saw. I could only imagine what that would have been!

1- Batman: I just love looking back at the negative reaction people had when it was announced that Keaton would be Batman. This is pre-internet days, but you would never know based off the backlash he aced. And not only was he good as Batman, he was great! He totally changed people’s perceptions on him.

How many of my top 5 have you seen? What are your favorite Keaton movies? Let me know!


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