Authors Helping Authors: Austin Graves


Jeff: Welcome to “Authors Helping Authors”, Austin.

Austin: Thanks for having me!

Jeff: So I kind of have to ask…. you’re not the prototypical romance novelist.

Austin: What do you mean?

Jeff: It’s just, I mean how do I put this lightly, most romance novelists are women.

Austin: What can I say? I like to break the mold.

Jeff: Fair enough! So? A book about sex? Any particular reason why you started off with that? This is your first book and all.

Austin: I have a couple of reasons. One and I’m sure you’ve heard the expression ‘sex sells’. I want to see just how true that is.

Jeff: I can understand that!

Austin: Secondly, and I hate to say this but I was kind of inspired by the book that you contributed to. I really enjoyed Twisted & Sinful Stories so I wanted to give it a shot myself.

Jeff: I’m flattered! Thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed the book.

Austin: I did. That’s why I reached out to you to help me.

Jeff: So? Tell me about your book? Tell everyone the name of it and why they should pick it up when it’s released next week.

Austin: It’s called The Heart Wants What The Heart Wants. Much like Twisted & Sinful Stories, it’s a collection of short stories that have a little romance or erotic elements to them. The book is out on February 1st, so it’s right around the corner.

Jeff: Correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s available for pre-order on Amazon? Right?

Austin: Yes! Yes it is.

Jeff: Would you like to give a sample here? So people know what they’re getting?

Austin: Yeah, I can do that.

Rob dragged his feet as he moved towards her,‭ ‬making sure she knew he was in the room. ‭ ‬He tossed the clothes on the couch. ‭ ‬Rob didn’t say a word as he embraced Carrie from behind. ‭ ‬She smiled as she felt the warmth of his body make contact with hers. ‭ ‬Another crack of thunder made her jump. ‭ ‬Rob’s hands extended around her waist. ‭ ‬He interlocked his fingers around her stomach.
Carrie exhaled. ‭ ‬She felt relaxed for the first time as she watched the storm outside. ‭ ‬Her hand moved from the glass on the window to his fingers. ‭ ‬She could feel his warm breath on her skin. ‭ ‬She rolled her neck to the left,‭ ‬exposing more of her neck. ‭ ‬Rob nuzzled his chin against her skin.

Carrie turned slightly in his arms. ‭ ‬She laid her head against his shoulders. ‭ ‬Rob stroked her hair and her back. ‭ ‬A loud of crack of thunder rattled the apartment,‭ ‬but she didn’t move this time. ‭ ‬She felt safe.

Carrie gently pressed her lips to his neck. ‭ ‬She could feel him pressing against her.‭  ‬She pulled away just enough that her face was buried against his skin. ‭ ‬They looked at each other in silence as the storm raged outside. ‭ ‬Rob moved his hands up and down her back again. ‭ ‬It sent shivers down her spine.

She leaned in again,‭ ‬this time while standing on her toes. ‭ ‬She kissed him softly on the lips. ‭ ‬Rob returned the soft,‭ ‬gentle kiss. ‭ ‬Carrie leaned her body against his. ‭ ‬Her hands moved to his chest.

‭”‬Hold me,‭” ‬she whispered. ‭ ‬Rob leaned forward as well,‭ ‬the bodies enveloped in a warm embrace. ‭ ‬His hands went through her hair. ‭ ‬She kissed him again. ‭ ‬Her lips made contact with his and slightly parted. ‭ ‬The kiss turned more passionate as Rob slipped his tongue towards her open mouth. ‭ ‬Carrie grasped his chest muscles more as the kiss grew deeper. ‭ ‬Their mouths moved from side to side as they got lost in each other’s arms.

This was the first kiss she had since her divorce was finalized months ago.‭ ‬All the loneliness Carrie had been feeling just erupted inside her.‭ ‬She had always found Rob to be cute and caring.‭ ‬He went out of his way to protect her.‭ ‬She found out that not only was he caring,‭ ‬but he was passionate and strong.‭ ‬It piqued Carrie’s interest in him even more.

Jeff: Very nice! I’m sure most people will enjoy the book! Any plans for future books?

Austin: I have a few ideas that are kicking around in my head. I could always write another anthology. We’ll see.

Jeff: Well special thanks to Austin Graves. His debut novel “The Heart Wants What The Heart Wants” will be released on February 1st on Amazon.


Austin: Thanks for letting me come on and talk about my book!

Thanks to Austin Graves for coming on today. Check back this weekend I will have another new top 5 blog too! Until then, have a good one everyone!


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