Top 5 (12)


Welcome back! I promised you a new five today and I’m hear to deliver. Speaking of delivering, the graphics department delivering me a new logo for the top 5. Nicely done to the guys at 67 Studios Production. Cheap plug!

A few months ago, I got to watch one of my favorite performers live in concert. It was my first time seeing him live and holy cow did he deliver! If you get a chance, Go see Butch Walker. I want to do a top 5 of Butch Walker songs one of these days but it will be tough since there’s so many good ones to choose from!

But it got me thinking. Who else would I love to see that I haven’t seen yet? I’ve only been to a handful of concerts so it would be real easy to do. When sitting down to do this, keep in mind I mean artists that are still out there. Would I love to see the original 4 members of Queen performing? In a heartbeat, one has passed. One has retired. So unfortunately that’s not an option for me. But here we go with the 5 bands or performers I’d love to see live.

Honorary Mention – Elton John, Reel Big Fish, Straight No Chaser, The Rolling Stones (No explanation needed because they are the Rolling Freaking Stones!)

5- Shinedown – This is the band I’m more getting into now. They have been around for years, but I’m learning more and more about them recently. I’ve had a few of their songs but my collection of their songs is growing every day. And with apps like Pandora and IHeartRadio, it’s so much easier to discover new music from your favorite bands.

4- Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers – Anyone who knows me knows I’m a classic rock guy. Tom Petty to me is one of the most underrated performers out there. He has such a unique voice. His songs are just very down to earth and a lot of people can easily relate to them.

3- Theory Of A Deadman – My taste in music has slowly gotten to a little bit of a harder edge the last few years. There are a few bands that I’ve gotten into and the band that really got me into the sound is Theory Of A Deadman. I know, they really aren’t that hard but compared to my usual groups they are! Cut me some slack!

2- Garth Brooks. He’s in my top five favorite musicians list to begin with. I was never a huge fan of country music growing up, but it took a few artists to change my mind. My first real experience with him was the concert he performed in Central Park many years ago. I saw it on HBO and I thought it was an incredible show on TV so I could only imagine it live.

1- Meat Loaf. Meat Loaf puts new meaning to the words Rock Opera, even though he hates the phrase. Each song is just such an experience due to their length. Think about it? Most songs are roughly 3 to 4 minutes long. Meat Loaf? 6-10 minutes, and that’s probably the trimmed versions of his songs. I would be willing to bet he puts on an incredible show live.

Any of my readers get to check out any of these artists live in concert? Yeah? Let me know!


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