Big Announcement!

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Greetings and salutations. I know it’s been a while since I posted anything. But I’m here with an announcement!

As many of you know I have written five books now. And because of that, there are people who think I’m an accomplished author or something. They’ve come to me for help in taking the next step in publishing their first books.

One of those people is a guy who emailed me recently. He was inspired by the work that Jeremy Croston and I did by starting our own publishing company. He said he was interested in creating his own as well. He’s looking to release his first book late this year or possibly early next year.

So I’m taking an advising role with his first book as well as serving as his editor. I will keep you posted on information as he wants it to be released.

I’m super excited to try my hand in a different aspect of self publishing. I never really thought of myself as a mentor, but I’m certainly willing to help people anyway I can. That’s why I have the interview section Authors Helping Authors, which I will certainly be getting Austin Graves on there very soon.

In the mean time let me give you a little information on my latest book as well. I’m starting work on it this weekend for sure. It’s untitled as of right now, but I’m switching gears. I will be working on a kid’s anthology! That should also be a challenge for me since I tend to swear and write some adult stuff in my books. But just like being an advisor, I’m looking forward to expanding as an author. Wish me luck!


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