Election Talk

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I want to state, I hate what I’ve become. Prior to this year, I was the least political person you’d meet. I barely discussed politics, but this year in all of it’s trainwrecks has pulled me in. My Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are full of political talk. I don’t like it.

But the one thing I like less is the behavior between people. I don’t care who you’re voting for. You could be Pro-Trump. You could be Pro-Clinton. Hell, Gary Johnson and Jill Stein are candidates too. Give them a look.

But the one thing I do care about is respect. As we get closer to election day all I ask is you be respectful of each other. I have been insulted on line for having a different belief than others. And if you’re trying to sway someone’s vote, insulting them is probably not the best way to do it.

You know what makes this country great. It’s a melting pot where different people with different views can come together. We have a democracy here. We have freedom of speech. We have the right to our own opinions. And there’s nothing wrong with that! That is the foundation that this country is built on. I have my own opinions. I have never tried to force them on anyone else. I will counter with facts if I see something I don’t agree with. I’ve been called dumb, stupid, an idiot and other words I chose not to repeat here. I have never called anyone that backs another candidate those words. Because they have the freedom to do so.

With that said, I want to share something I did say on my personal Facebook page. It’s not an attack on any candidate or anyone supporting them.

I’m of the mind set that not one person, not even the President of The United States can make “America Great Again.” It takes every single citizen respecting each other and not going out of their way to stomp on people’s personal beliefs. We need to stop senseless killing. Building walls won’t help. Personal attacks won’t help. There’s so much great about this country, but every day you hear something and it just makes you want to throw up. We can get there, but at the rate we’re going, this country will be destroyed. It won’t matter come November because we’re too busy thumbing our noses at each other to have respect for other people.

So yeah, the best way to make America Great Again is respect. Not that hard if you think about it. You want to be respected? Don’t you? Well so does everyone else. Personal attacks don’t help anyone. So take care of yourself… and each other.

And have a good one everybody!


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