Saying Goodbye to PC Vol. 3

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The weekend is over. I hope you had a good one everyone. I had a quiet one, that’s for sure. But it gave me some time to work on Paranormal Contact Vol. 3.

When you work on a trilogy, it’s tough to say goodbye. I want to make sure that every character gets a proper goodbye. Any stories that they may have going on, I want to make sure there are no loose ends.

What’s left for me to do at this point? Well, one character went out in a blaze of glory. Two more characters went through some rough spots that got resolved in the second to last chapter. Now I’m adding a little bit of levity to show how much certain characters have changed from the start of the series to the end. And then there will be the last scene which I will write this week to end the series.

I struggled with parts of the story early on, but I think the third act of it is very strong. I think it’s a satisfying end to the series. I hope that you will too.

Normally there would be bonus chapter for my next book at the end of the book I’m finishing. That will not be the case this time.Mostly because the target audience for the new book won’t be reading Paranormal Contact Vol. 3. But I do have something special in mind for the end. So stay tuned!

I still can’t believe I’m days away from finishing my fifth novel. It’s kind of mind boggling if you ask me!


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