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Who’s a big slacker when it comes to posting new top 5’s? Why yes, I am. Which is why I’m back with a big batch of them, mostly to catch up on what I’ve missed.

Almost every morning I start my day with a nice big bowl of cereal. I’ve put away my share of cereal boxes over the years. You might even say I’m a cereal killer. Okay, I had to do the pun just once. So here’s a look at my favorite cereals.

Honorable Mentions – Rice Krispies,  Honey Nut Cheerios,  Fruit Loops

5. Chex – I don’t really have a preference as far as what Chex it is. i like Rice Chex. I like Wheat Chex. But if I was going to pick # 1 of Chex, it would be Honey  Nut Chex.

4. Raisin Bran – This is probably going to be the healthiest cereal on this list. What can I say? I just like the two scoops!

3. Lucky Charms – If I like raisins, there’s something I like more. And that’s colorful marshmallows in different shapes. Though I wouldn’t mind a leprechaun showing me a pot of gold either.

2. Fruity Pebbles – While before I ranked the different flavors together, this time I won’t. No offense Cocoa Pebbles, but you’re not even close to Fruity Pebbles. The only issue I have with Fruity Pebbles is I feel like I’m eating fish food.

  1. Golden Grahams – I’m pretty sure I could eat a whole bowl of Golden Grahams in one sitting if I really tried. And no, that’s not a challenge. Part of it is the boxes are smaller, but still. I love me some Golden Grahams.



Today is Adam West’s birthday! Which is weird cause the other day was Batman Day. Couldn’t they have waited? So our second Top 5 of the day will look at my favorite Batman actors.

5. Kevin Conroy – For many people he’s the voice of Batman. After all he has voiced the role in both 30 minute cartoons, feature length movies, and video games. He has the perfect gruff to his voice that if you closed your eyes and you heard him, you’d think Batman was in front of you!

4. Ben Affleck  – The only reason he’s not higher on the list I have a feeling the best is to come with him as Batman. Remember when people were so pissed when he was cast as Batman? Bet they feel pretty stupid right now. He was great in Batman Vs Superman.

3. Adam West – The birthday boy! Sure he played a much different version of Batman. He was campy. He was silly. And you know somedays you can’t just get rid of a bomb. But he was the Batman we needed at the time.

2. Christian Bale – The man who played Batman the most did a wonderful job in the role through the trilogy.

  1. Michael Keaton – Just like with Affleck, people were pissed that he was cast as Batman. And then he proved everyone wrong with not one but two great performances as Batman, especially in the first movie.



It’s almost time for new tv shows on your screen! So I thought we would take a look at the returning shows I’m most looking forward to. But beware there be Spoilers ahead!

5. The Big Bang Theory – To me this show has started to drop off. There were a few episodes last season I didn’t laugh once. For a sitcom, that’s always a bad sign. But I’m willing to see where they go this year. With the introduction of Penny’s family, there is a big chance for an uptake.

4.  Legends of Tomorrow – Season 2 of LoT should hopefully be a lot more consistent than season 1. Gotta love a time travel show with an interesting premise and some serious action scenes. They killed off my favorite character in season 1, but he’s going to be back. So we’ll see how much Captain Cold we will get.

3.  Arrow – This is another show that for me has dropped off the last few seasons. A lot of people will tell you it’s the writers putting too much emphasis on Felicity (I read boards). I enjoy Felicity, but the character is not as quirky as she used to be. I much preferred quirky Felicity.

2. Marvel’s Agents of Shield – There certainly are a lot of comic book shows on this list. I dropped off of Shield after season 2, but binge watched season 3 on Netflix. I enjoyed Season 3 much more than I did 1, so I’m back on board! Plus they are bringing on a Ghost Rider character. I’m not familiar with this character, but if done right will definitely be a good addition to the cast.

  1. The Flash – After last season when Barry went back in time to save his mother and starting Flashpoint, the possibilities are endless. Granted they can’t do it like they did in the movie or the comic books due to  rights with certain characters but it definitely has the potential to lead to some great TV.

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