PC Vol. 3 Word Count Wednesday #10

word Count Wednesday (2)

Good late Wednesday evening to you. It’s another Word Count Wednesday. Paranormal Contact Vol. 3 is shaping up. I’m sort of in the home stretch now. I’m about to get to the point where there will be a time jump, but before there is I have a few points that need to get out. The second part of the book will be a lot easier to write. Mainly because all the characters will be together. Jason has his own storyline since he’s really the one member of the group geographically separated from everyone else. But when I jump forward, he will be with everyone, so yeah!

Speaking of the group, I just finished a scene where I bring back the last member of the main team. I didn’t want to bring him back for no reason, so I waited until there was a reason to bring him back. Who is it? Well you will just have to wait until the book comes out to find out. Maybe have a little checklist next to you as you read it. Each time a character returns, you could cross him or her off! Just kidding.

The scene I’m writing right now is going to change the relationship between two of the characters. It’s an old character that has been around from the first two books and a new character introduced in this book.

Last week you will remember because you’re all smart cookies that my word count was 27,592 words. With the work done this week, it brings my new total to……


Thanks for checking in on this update! Have a good one everybody!



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