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I truly have been dropping the ball when it comes to the Top 5 blog. There wasn’t a blog last weekend. But hey, here’s one!

Some of you may know that I used to work at a little place called Walt Disney World for almost thirteen years. Sadly I found out the place I worked is closing next month. So if you all want to create a Go-Fund Me page to send me there so I can say goodbye, it would be greatly appreciated! I’m kidding, of course. There are more important things in the world to spend your money on, like helping those that lost everything in Louisiana over the past few days.

So I thought I would get my Disney on today and talk my top 5 Disney rides!

Honorary Mentions go out to: Big Thunder Mountain, Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Mission: Space, Star Tours, Spaceship: Earth, Haunted Mansion

5) Expedition Everest – This is probably the ride on the list I was on the least. Not for any particular reason other than I spent less time at Disney’s Animal Kingdom than I did at the other parks. And while I was there I’d be at the Safari’s first. Because animals rule!

4) Test Track – Test Track at Epcot is the second fastest ride at Disney World. I remember when I went for my interview at work as I was leaving the manager said “Now keep in mind when you walk out of here, you are supposed to exit the park. But if you wanted to go on Test Track before you did, there’s no way for us to stop you.” Test Track had just opened in the park just about a year ago and was Epcot’s most popular ride at the time. I took that as an open invitation. So I did!

3)Tower Of Terror – I think to me the best part of Tower Of Terror is the storytelling that goes into it. You honestly feel like you’re stepping into an episode of the Twilight Zone. And then you get to the top of the ride and for a moment, the windows open and you’re greeted with a wonderful view… before the ride drops you! It’s a free falling experience with each time being a different drop. You never knew how long you’d be up there, or how far you’d fall.

2) Soarin – Soarin’ is a treat for all the senses. Or at least it was. They just changed it and I haven’t been on the new one yet. So I’m basing this solely on Soarin’ Over California. It’s a majestic hang glinding experience. But it’s not just visual. Whatever you see, you smell. Flying over the ocean? Salt water fills your nostrils. Not literally of course. It’s a wonderfully calming ride. Plus the intro with Patrick Warburton? It was awesome. It’s gone now. A moment of silence please.

  1. Rock N Rollarcoaster – At first I wasn’t a huge fan of coasters. Mostly because I hate being upside down. Like with a passion. But my ex roommate talked me into the ride the first time. “Dude? You love Aerosmith. So if you die on the ride, you die listening to Aerosmith. Come on”. That’s logic I couldn’t argue with. And now… going on that ride…. *hand on my forehead with an open palm* I love that idea. Only those that have been on the ride know what I’m talking about. I would honestly say it was the ride I was on the most.


So there you have it. I know I want to do a Top 5 Disney movies and a top 5 character list too. I need to make a list of lists.

Have a good one everybody


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