Authors Helping Authors: Danny Davies

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Jeff: We’re sitting here today with new author Danny Davies. Danny and I used to work together in Orlando Florida many years ago.

First, let me welcome you and congratulations on your first book. Want to tell the readers what “A Rainbow Together” is all about?

Danny: This novel is a coming of age story set in the summer of 1964.  It deals with a naive and sheltered 17 year old boy who gets his first summer job. he becomes a “gofer” at the Sheraton Gibson hotel in downtown Cincinnati.  The experience opens his eyes to a whole new world and prompts him to explore his own feelings and sexual identity.

 Jeff: What inspired you to write this book?

Danny: It started as a little memoir about a summer day when I bummed a ride from a co-worker who drove an old pick-up truck. As I began to write, I eventually sensed that this was not really about me and that it was more than a small story.  The situations and the characters developed in my mind and I started to relay their story.

Jeff: Judging by the fact it’s a period piece, would you say elements of the book are autobiographical?

Danny: Well, I grew up in that time and place.  That aspect is autobiographical.  And I did spend a summer working at the Sheraton Gibson.  But while I may identify with some of the story’s sensibilities, the experiences in the novel are fictitious.

Jeff: How long had you been writing it?

Danny: I’ve spent more than seven years on it.  Writing, rewriting, editing, revising, etc.

Jeff: Do you have a certain process when you write? Is there music playing or do you need silence?

Danny: I pretty much need silence.  I can be easily distracted.  I find that sometimes I have to leave my house to write.  I will go to a Starbucks or library.  I just need sometimes to get into a different environment to focus on my work.

Jeff: Now that your first release is out, do you plan on writing another one?
Yes, I have a few other novels in the works.  I’m looking forward to getting the marketing for this one off and running, so I can focus and develop another story.

Jeff: Did you enjoy the writing process?
Not really.  I think it was Dorthy Parker who said, “I hate writing; I love having written.”  That pretty much sums it up for me. I sometimes labor over every word and criticism every sentence.  That makes for a very SLOW writing process.

Jeff: Reviews have been all positive so far for “A Rainbow Together”. As a first time author, how does that make you feel?
The positive reactions to what I’ve written make me feel great.  I am so happy that my novel touches someone and elicits a strong emotional response.  Writing can be very lonely, very isolating.  But the whole point of it is to hope an audience gathers to share in your storytelling.

Jeff: Thank you for your time Danny. Feel free to tell the readers where they can get a copy of your book. Congratulations on your success and welcome to the club!

Danny: Thanks Jeff!

Jeff: You can find Danny’s book A Rainbow Together on Amazon at this link


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