word Count Wednesday (2)

Welcome back to another Word Count Wednesday. It’s August already if you can believe that. This year is certainly flying by at what seems like a record pace.

Last week the word count was at 23,261. I talked about how close I was to hitting the half way point of the book. For those new to my style of writing, I always plan for my books to be roughly 50,000 words. I will never complain if I go over that mark or am just shy of it, but that’s always my goal. The Time Traveler’s Journal certainly exceeded the word count.

As expected this weekend, I hit that halfway mark of the book. But did I stop at 25,000? No I most certainly didn’t. Now I maybe didn’t go as far with it as I could have. I was sidetracked but other projects of course.

I was doing a lot of marketing to get the word out about my free books. Yeah. Those other projects. I did say if Sinful & Twisted Stories hit 100 downloads last week, I would release Time Traveler’s Journal for free. So, The Time Traveler’s Journal is free this week! We hit exactly 100 downloads. Jack, Jeremy, Morganna and I were thrilled with those numbers last week.

I knew the numbers would be slightly down this week, but honestly? This has been the highest amount of free downloads I’ve had for a solo book. So thank you for all those that downloaded The Time Traveler’s Journal. And if you haven’t yet? Well, you still have time. The offer is good until the end of Friday.

But this isn’t about free books today. No, today is about Word Count Wednesday. So what’s the total for the week?


If you missed it, yesterday there was a free scene from Paranormal Contact Volume 3. Go check it out and let me know what you think about it. Shoot me an email at Jefftrel@gmail.com.

And look for the return of Authors Helping Authors in the next few days as well. Until then, Have a good one everybody!


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