PC Vol. 3 Excerpt

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With Paranormal Contact Vol. 3 officially halfway  done (more on that tomorrow for Word Count Wednesday) I thought it was time for me to show you a little bit more about the book. This might not be the best scene for me to show you, only because it’s heavy on the paranormal contact aspect of it, but I wanted to get you excited for the book. I know it’s short. I will probably add a little bit more to it before it’s released. Tell me what you think?


The room was completely dark, except for a small candle on a table in the corner of the room. A shadowy figure sat in the room in silence for a few moments before speaking.

“If there is anyone here, please give me a sign of your presence. If you’d like you can blow out the candle I have set up here on the table?” Jason spoke. “If not you can touch me if you’d like. Tap on my shoulder maybe?” He sat in silence again just listening around him. “Perhaps you’d like to tap on the wall? Maybe finish this pattern?” Jason knocked twice quickly in succession. He looked around the room, waiting for a sound.

When it didn’t happen, he stood from the chair. He fumbled in the dark for the flashlight on the table. Quickly, Jason switched it on. The room was a little brighter. The light scanned the room. Out of the corner of his eye, Jason thought he saw something.

Immediately he turned around to look in the direction of the closet. The closet door was partially open. He moved quickly towards the door and flashed his light into the small space. Dress shirts were hung up in the closet. Jason looked in all directions, even pushing some of the shirts to the side. But he saw nothing. Jason pushed the shirts back to where they were before moving towards the center of the room again.

“If that was you that I just saw for a second, please let me know? I don’t mean to harm you. I’m not here to scare you either. I’m just here to document your presence,” Jason called out. “Were you the person that Mario saw in his bed?”

There was silence throughout the room. Jason switched off his flashlight again. He put his hand on the foot of the bed. His heard turned slowly from side to side as he examined the room. Jason walked slowly out of the room into the hallway. He flipped on his flashlight again. Jason’s hand grasped the wooden banister as he moved towards the staircase down. Instead of going down the steps, he sat down on the top step. Jason set the flashlight face down on the ground. Once again he was in darkness.

The silence was broken by one of the steps creaking for just a moment. Jason suddenly felt cold. Goosebumps ran up and down his arms. He reached for the flashlight, but immediately pulled his hand back.

“Is that you? Are you here with me?” Jason called out. He heard a small creak behind him. Jason turned around in the darkness. He stood up slowly. The floorboards under him creaked again, but it was a different sound. Jason looked down at his feet.

Suddenly a noise got Jason’s attention. A small bang from down the hall with an even softer clicking sound. Jason bent down and picked up the flashlight. He noticed that the door all the way down the hall was closed. Jason took several large strides until he was at the other end of the hall. His hand grasped the silver doorknob. Instantly, his hand felt like he was holding a piece of ice. He pulled his hand off of it.

“Did you go back into the room? Are you in there now?” Jason called out. He grabbed the bottom of his shirt and used that to grasp the door knob. The door opened slowly. He looked around the room in a frenzy. The closet door was open. Two of the shirts that previously been hanging in the closet were now on the floor. He rushed towards the closet and frantically looked around with the flashlight.

There was nothing out of the ordinary. The look of excitement that was on Jason’s face slowly transformed into one of confusion as he slumped down to his knees.




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