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As you might recall, last week the anthology Twisted & Sinful Stories was available for free. The first day it was free, it was on fire with the downloads! 42 free downloads in one day. Then the numbers started to decease each day. At about 4:00 on Friday, I noticed that we had given away 95 total books for the week. That was amazing, but I wanted more. As Jeremy and I sat down to do the podcast I decided to up the ante a little bit. I wanted 5 more downloads to 100.

So I made the bold statement that if we hit 100 downloads, I would offer up The Time Traveler’s Journal for free. I’m very protective of my latest book because I think it’s by far the best book I’ve written. But I wanted to push us over the edge. When I went to bed that night, we had only given away 1 more book. So I shrugged it off, said I did what I could.

On Saturday morning I woke up to my surprise, we had hit exactly one hundred freebies. Being a man of my word, The Time Traveler’s Journal is now free until Friday. I don’t expect to hit the kind of numbers we had last week, but it’s all about getting my name out there. So if you are curious about The Time Traveler’s Journal, pick up your free copy this week!


Today is also an important day for me as a writer. Because today is the day two years ago that I sat down and started writing my first novel Everything Comes Full Circle. My life has gone all sorts of chaotic in the past two years and there’s been very little I could truly depend on. But one of those things have been writing. In a way it has kept me centered and sane. Mostly anyway.

Tomorrow I will be back with an excerpt from Paranormal Contact Vol. 3. Until then… NOVA NOVA NOVA NOVA. Have a good one everybody!


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