Free Anthology!

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Happy Friday everybody. I heard today is National Chicken Wing day so head down to Buffalo Wild Wings or your favorite pizza place and getcha some wings. Maybe even Hooters. You know, for the wings. Yup. Wings.

And while you’re at you can pick up a free copy of Sinful & Twisted Stories. Today is the last day that it will be free. Don’t know about Sinful & Twisted Stories? It’s an anthology book consisting of four short stories from myself, Jeremy Croston, Morganna Williams and Jack Crosby.

Now, just so you know, it’s not for kids. It does get a little naughty, so keep that in mind. It’s the main reason why we only made it available for Kindle and not in paperback like our other books are.

I really enjoyed the process of writing part of an anthology. I think after Paranormal Contact Vol. 3 is complete, my next book will be a full anthology of short stories from me. It will be a big departure for me, but as an author I do want to grow!

So go ahead, get some wings. Get a free book and enjoy your weekend! I will be back this week with a new top 5! Finally!


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