Democratic National Convention Day 4

Two Dudes

So this is it. At least for the next four years anyway. Last night was the last night for the Democratic National Convention. We learned a lot about the Clintons last night.

For example, Chelsea Clinton took to the stage and told a story about how when she was a young child her mother would make sure that she had a new note waiting for her every morning on the days that Hillary was out on a business trip. Chelsea painted the picture of a loving mother. And she furthered that painting by adding “and now she’s a doting grandmother too.”

Do you know what else we learned? Bill Clinton really loves balloons. Well, I guess we kind of all ready knew that. But this time, I meant helium filled balloons that fell from the sky.

To cap off the night, Hillary gave her speech to accept the nomination. In it, she felt the need to use her opponent’s name in a different light. Love Trumps Hate, she said. She could have also phrased it Trump Loves Hate. But I understand what she was saying.

I think my second favorite moment of the night was from former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm. “Mr. Trump is so vain, he probably thinks this speech is about you.” And somewhere in the world Warren Beatty cried. Because it wasn’t about him.

If that wonderful bit of pop culture reference wasn’t enough? What could possibly top that? Kareem Abdul Jabbar saying “Hello. I’m Michael Jordan and I’m here with Hillary Clinton. I said that only because I know Donald Trump couldn’t tell the difference.”


So this wraps up the Two Dudes, Brews & Books coverage of the Democratic National Convention. Maybe next time our office could afford to send us live? Yeah, you’re right. That’s a terrible idea. Have a good one everybody!


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