Democratic National Convention Day 1

Two Dudes

Welcome to day one of the Democratic National Convention. And what a day it was. First the ouster of Debbie Wasserman Schultz. The Democratic National party had a bit of an email leak which depending on who you believe was either caused by Donald Drumpf, I mean Trump or it could have been the Russians. Maybe even little furry aliens from the planet Melmac. We really don’t know. The basis of the emails is that the favoritism the party had for Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders.

It’s got to to be tough to be Bernie. He has loyal followers, but no one apparently in the party. But like a good little soldier, he carried on and once again praised Hillary saying she must be our president.

Someone who used to be a Bernie supporter who now flipped to Hillary is comedian and actress Sarah Silverman. She’s getting flack for it, but in fairness if someone is out of the race why would you continue to support them? It’d be like saying I still think Michael Dukakis has a chance!

Another speaker last night was Michelle Obama. So I expect to see Melaina give the same speech in about 4 years from now. I kid… I kid… not about this, but I am known to kid around from time to time. Her speech was elegant and classy. She talked about how America is still great, taking a shot at the Republican’s slogan. Obama also took another shot at Trump by saying “When they go low, we will go high” basically saying we won’t resort to name calling like a little brat with money. Okay, so she might not have called him that. But I just did.

And yes, I totally took a shot at Alf while discussing the Democratic National Convention. Now if you will excuse me I need to run to ABC Liquors if I’m going to cover more of this. I feel so dirty. See you tomorrow.


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