Hodge Podge 7/25

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First of all you don’t have to remind me I’ve been dropping the ball left and right. I’m sorry. There hasn’t been a top 5 in a few weeks either, not has their been a Word Count Wednesday. And don’t get me started on the lack of Authors Helping Authors (more on that later). But I am once again refocused. So everything you love about this page is coming back. You know what else we will discuss…

Politics! Unfortunately, I drew the Democratic National Convention while Jeremy got the RNC. So look for a unique voice from me about that starting tomorrow.

Did you know that today until this coming Friday you can pick up a free copy of Twisted & Sinful Stories? You didn’t!? Well now you know. For those that don’t know, Twisted & Sinful Stories is an anthology series that I contributed a story for. Three great authors, and myself put together a wonderful book filled with naughtiness and sci-fi. There’s even a mini story written by Jeremy Croston and myself that started here on the blog. All details can be found here: And since the graphics department made an awesome post for it, here you go:

Free Anthology

For those that don’t know, I used to work at a magical place down in Orlando, Florida. That’s where I met my fellow author and business partner Jeremy Croston. But did you know that we’re not the only authors to come out of that place? Jerry Klos released his book in 2008 called Forever Ends.

And now joining the group of Inno-Authors is Danny Davies. HIs new book is available through Lulu.com. Danny and I will be sitting down for a new Authors Helping Authors interview soon, so look for that soon as well.His book is called A Rainbow Together. So if you’re in the look out for a new author, check him out as well.

By this coming weekend, Paranormal Contact Vol. 3 will be at the halfway mark. I’m exciting to give you more!

And don’t forget Stormfall is available from Two Dudes, Brews & Books, written by Jeremy Croston.

So tomorrow day 1 of DNC. I’m as looking forward to it as you are!….

Have a good one everybody!


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