Update on PC Vol. 3

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Good Tuesday evening everyone. I realized all I was doing was my weekly word counts (coming tomorrow) and my weekly Top 5’s, so I wanted to give you a true update on what was happening in Paranormal Contact Vol. 3.

What can I tell you about Paranormal Contact Vol. 3? Well, I can tell you that all of the main characters are back from the first two books. What would the PC series be without Jason, Tanya, Greg, Katie, Shawn and Brad?

But they are not the only returning characters? We get more with everyone’s favorite foul mouth ex-wife, Lisa. There’s some cute scenes with Greg’s daughter Holly too. Katie’s co-worker and voice of reason Denise is back for a few scenes too.

But with each story comes new characters too. Over the next few weeks I’m going to profile them too, so you can get to know them before the release of the book.

I can tell you this. This book does change the format of the series. There’s no contest between two groups this time. Don’t get me wrong, the paranormal is still there. In fact, in ways there’s going to be more of it. Something that does set this book apart from the other books in the series is the paranormal stories are not based off my own experiences this time.

I don’t want to spoil too much in case you haven’t read the somewhat cliff hanger I left PC Vol. 2. Another change between this book and the rest of the series is it’s told over a longer period of time. The previous two books take place within a week from start to finish. This is more spread out.

If there’s any other info you want about the book, you can email me at Jefftrel@gmail.com or TwoDudesBrewsBooks@gmail.com. If it’s not a complete spoiler, I will answer you.

I will see you tomorrow for Word Count Wednesday.

Have a good one everybody!


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