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Yay sports! Today I’m going to talk about my five favorite sports teams. I’m going to take the four major sports, and one sport will have lucky enough to have teams. You’ll see why soon. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been into sports. I wish it’s because I was a natural born athlete. Unfortunately, that’s not entirely true.

Another idea for a sports blog will be my top 5 LEAST favorite sports teams as well. Anyone who knows me knows what teams will be on that list. So look for that sometime soon.

Today’s honorary mention goes to: New York Giants (I have a lot of friends that are fans, so I want them to win for that reason)

Okay here we go:

5) Houston Astros – This is the first team I ever adapted as a team I cheered from after I picked the team that I cheered for. Why would I pick the Astros? At one point, they had a player on their team that went to a high school I went to (I went to two different high schools). That player also went to the same college as I went to. Oh, and then he was drafted by my favorite team and traded away in a stupid trade that didn’t help the team win. Since I cheered for him, I learned to cheer for the team. And he had an awesome first name too. After all, it was Jeff. Just like me. I’m of course talking about Jeff Bagwell.

4) Utah Jazz – How did I become a fan of the Jazz you ask? I mean no one outside Salt Lake City actually likes the Jazz, right? WRONG! I became a fan of the team because when I first started getting into basketball there was a player that was unlike most of the other players in the league. He was one of the most unselfish players in the league, as he tended to be in the top 3 in assists every season. He was extremely hard working and I never saw him NOT hustle for a ball. Plus he was part of one of the greatest duos of all time. His name is John Stockton. You know who the other half is. I would talk more about him, but I kind of met him and he was not anything like I hoped. Lets just say he delivered disappointment. Sadly, of my four top teams this is the one that I have yet to witness win a championship.

3) Pittsburgh Penguins – My first encounter with the sport of hockey was through video games. When I first started paying attention to the actual sport, there were two players I could identify. One was the Great One, Wayne Gretzky. The other was a little bit closer geographically to me. I’m of course talking about Mario Lemieux. It’s because of the game of hockey that I picked my favorite number as well. Because I would always use it when I created myself in the hockey game. Want to know why I picked 67? Ask me some time!

2) Pittsburgh Steelers – Staying in Pittsburgh for my love of the Steelers. My dad when I was growing up was a Steeler fan, so by proxy I became a fan of the team (which is ironic, considering # 1). You’ve got to be impressed by a team that is so consistent that since the 60’s, the team has had a total of 3 head coaches. Chuck Knoll, Bill Cowher and Mike Tomlin are the only coaches I’ve ever known. There are some teams that have had that many coaches in the last 6 years, let alone 50 + years!

  1. Boston Red Sox  – So remember what I was saying about my dad in the last entry? He grew up in the Bronx as a fan of a certain pin striped team. If I followed him to Steeler Country, how did I become a fan of his team’s most hated rival? All of my first memories of baseball involved Boston. And some of them weren’t good memories (cough Bill Buckner). I truly thought that I would never see them win. After all they hadn’t won the World Series since 1918. Then 2004 happened, with the Lovable Idiots they changed history. Especially when they were down 3-0 to that team in the Bronx. No team had ever won a series in baseball while trailing 3-0. But they changed history like I said. And if you want to watch me cry, show me the last out of the World Series. Happens every time.


There will be an update on Paranormal Contact Vol. 3 tomorrow. In the mean time, have a good one everybody!


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