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Welcome back to another edition of my Personal Top 5. Each weekend I post a top 5 of a random category. We’ve discussed music and television so far. Today’s topic will give you something to fight the endless boredom, especially of a long drive. I’m going to give you my list of top podcasts to listen to.

Normally, I do the top 5 and just add a few honorary mentions without a write up of those mentions. I will not do that for this one. Because there are two podcasts that deserve a little bit of attention that are special to me.

So the first honorary mention goes to the Club Kayfabe Wrestling Podcast. Co hosted by Chris O’Mealy, Dan Peck and Glenn Kukan (replacing Pat McDermott), the Club Kayfabe is all about the latest news and reviews about the world of professional wrestling. I’m partial to this podcast because I’m an regular contributor to the podcast as well. It’s a lot of fun to listen to. If wrestling isn’t your thing, check out one of Chris’s other podcasts. Talkin’ Talkies is a cool movie review podcast. He also does the Jersey Rain podcast where he interviews every day normal people about some of the cool things going on in their life.

And I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t talk about my own podcast that I host every week with my writing partner Jeremy Croston. Every week we talk about a topic ranging from books to pop culture to beer and sports. We even get serious every once in a while with what we call a Hot Topic Button Discussion. You should totally check out our podcast.

5) Fat Man on Batman – Kevin Smith and Marc Bernardin talk about pop culture and comic book stuff. Sometimes it’s in front of a live studio audience, sometimes it’s in one of their houses. They are a good comedy team that play well with each other. I haven’t listened to a lot of these podcasts, but the ones that I’ve heard I’ve enjoyed.

4) The Nerdist Podcast – Chris Hardwick was once only known as that guy that was on the game show with Jenny McCarthy back in the day, but now he’s a big time podcaster and a stand up comedian. Along with his co hosts Jonah Ray and Matt Mira, their guests range Anthony Mackie, Jodie Foster, Sir Patrick Stewart, and Fred Savage. The interviews are silly, but they can get a little in depth depending on the guest.

3) Christopher Titus Podcast – Every episode starts off with a bit of comedy bit called the Armageddon Update. Titus is a comedian by trade. Then Bombshell Rae (his wife) and Fetus the intern talk about what’s happening in the world. It usually centers around one topic until we get Bombshell’s Bombshell news! He is absolutely hysterical. His rants and raves are amazing! You are guaranteed to laugh! That’s a promise!

2) Talk Is Jericho – Even though Chris Jericho is known as a wrestler, he is an all around great performer. And what I like most about the podcast is even though Jericho is a wrestler, he has as many non wrestlers as they do wrestlers. He’s had everyone from Dennis Miller to William Shatner to Josh Gates (check him out)

1) Hollywood Babble-On – Kevin Smith is back, this time with Ralph Garmin live in front of a studio audience. They have a lot of different segments from Sh!t that Should Not Be,  HBO Headlines, How Big is Liam Neeson’s cock, to Hitler in the Movies. Garmin does some pretty funny impressions for segments as well. I’ve never not laughed at the podcast. Some segments do get a little long. That’s my only complaint with it.


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