PC Vol. 3 Word Count Wednesday #5

Word Count Wednesday

Okay, welcome back for the return of Word Count Wednesday. It’s been a few weeks and for that I do apologize. I think I got my head a little bit more on straight, so I finally got back to doing some writing to get Paranormal Contact Vol. 3 back on track. I think recently I have written some of my favorite scenes in the series. Both scenes in question involve one character. I’ve always said this character is just a lot of fun to write, even if I don’t necessary like the character. It’s weird like that.

As a reminder of the last word count since it’s been a few weeks, we were sitting at 11,535 words.

At this point in the book I’m roughly 1/3 of the way done with it. There’s some surprises coming, which I hope you will like! And even more, I hope you won’t see coming.

With that in mind, I should tell you that I’m not proud of the lack of writing in the last week, let alone weeks. So again, I make the vow that when we meet again next week the word count will be more impressive. I will reveal the count as I hang my head in shame:


Have a good one everybody!


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