Last No Word Count Wednesday

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Tomorrow I’m getting back on track and writing like a demon. I did a little writing lately, but enough to warrant a word count update. So that will be next Wednesday.

I had also been quietly working on another project here and there. But I have decided to delay it. I’m putting it off for one reason. It’s violent. It’s the most violent book I have ever written, and quite frankly there’s enough violence in the world as it is. I don’t want to contribute to it. So instead, I have gone forward with another side project to counteract the violence in the world. It’s something I had mentioned in a previous blog, but now it’s happening! Stay tuned for more details on that one!

To make up for the lack of Word Count Wednesdays, I’m also here to give you the first brand new excerpt from Paranormal Contact Vol. 3. It involves a side story as to not give away major details of the main story line. Get ready to meet some new characters! Hope you will like it!


Matthew and Paul stumbled out of a wooded area. The car was parked near them. Both of them were covered in dirt, from their heads to their toes.

“I’m sorry we couldn’t find her,” Matthew said. He put his hand on his younger brother’s shoulder to reassure him. Paul’s face was covered more with dirt than Matthew’s was. Paul ran his hands over his face, trying to clear it a little better.

“Thanks. I just hope she’s okay. We were out all night. I’m worried about her. We didn’t see any sign of anyone out there,” Paul muttered. The two of them reached the car. Paul leaned back against the hood of the car and just rested for a minute. “No sign of her. No sign of her father either.”

Matthew rested next to him against the side of the car. “At least we didn’t see any signs of the creature,” Matthew joked. Paul wasn’t amused at his joke. “Come on, man. I’m just trying to lighten the mood.”

Paul pushed himself up by his palms and opened the driver’s side door. He slammed the door shut. Matthew got into the passenger’s side of the door. “I told you. I’m worried about her. Morganna is out there. Somewhere. And we’re leaving? Without her?”

“I’m worried too. But there’s nothing else we can do.”

“Nothing else we can do? Are you kidding me?” Paul slammed his fists against the wheel, hitting the horn. “We can go back out there and find her!”

“Paul? Listen to yourself? She had at least an hour head start on us. And since we went looking for her and now double backed to the car, who knows how far ahead she is!” Matthew said, trying to reason with Paul. “We don’t even know where she started her search. I don’t know if you know this or not, but there’s a lot of woods to cover.” Paul looked down at the floor, dejected. “You had to know deep down that we weren’t going to find her. Right?” He didn’t say anything. Instead he took out the car keys and started the car. “You know Morganna better than I do. You know she’s strong. She will be fine.”

A little bit later, the car pulled in front of Matthew’s place. Paul glanced over at Matthew as he left the car idling in the street. “Thanks for coming to look with me. I know it might not seem like it, but I do appreciate your help.”

“I know you’re stressed out, Paul. I’m sure if the shoe was on the other foot, I’d be freaking out too.’ Matthew said. Paul just looked at him with a slight nod of his head. “What are you up to for the rest of the day?”

“After you get out of the car, I’m going to go back and look for Morganna. And this time I’m not going to leave until I find her.” Paul had a serious look on his face. “One way or another, I’m going to find her.”

“Paul? You can’t be serious?”

“I’m damn serious. My girlfriend is probably lost in the middle of the fucking woods. And I’m not just going to leave her out there. I’m going to go find her. And hopefully her father. And then leave this fucking place and never come back!” Paul glared at across the car. “Now if you wouldn’t mind, please get the hell out of the car!”


“Matthew? Get the hell out of the car. NOW!” Paul shouted.

“At least come inside? Take a quick shower. Rest up. Get something to eat. Then you can go.”

Paul shook his head. He tightened his fist against the steering wheel. “You’re wasting my daylight. Don’t make me after to tell you again to get out.”

Matthew threw his hands up in frustration. “Whatever. I’m just trying to help.” Matthew undid his seatbelt and swung the door open quickly. “Good luck.”

He stepped out of the car and slammed the door. Paul peeled out, kicking up dust as he drove off.


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