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So this is my third week of doing the top 5 lists, and I have done them on three different days. In my defense, I was out of town on Friday and my internet wasn’t really good. Yeah. We will go with that!

I got a request to do a specific Top 5. As some of you have may know, I’m a huge WWE fan. I’ve watched wrestling since I can remember. So why not talk about the era that started me as a fan. So today’s top 5, we will take a look at my favorite wrestlers from the 1980’s.

Honorary Mentions: Andre The Giant. Jake Roberts. Honky Tonk Man.

5. Big Bossman : Ray Traylor was never considering the top man in any federation. His gimmick was a simple one. He’s a former police officer from Georgia. He was a bit of a bigger man, but definitely was more agile than most people his size. He was charismatic. His move set was kind of basic. But he was a great worker. There was just something about him I enjoyed.

4. Rowdy Roddy Piper: There was NOBODY better on microphone than Piper. He was so good on microphone that he was the first wrestler to be given his own talk show in the middle of the ring. That’s just how good he was on microphone. He was another guy that was never considering “the man” which to me is a shame. He tops most people’s list of greatest wrestlers to NEVER win the WWE title. Which is also a shame!

3. Ted Dibiase: Everyone has a price for the Million Dollar Man. He was such a talent in the ring. His gimmick was a rich heel, that just paid people off. He even had a man servant that he abused until Virgil couldn’t take it anymore. He was able to take a move like a sleeper and make it a finisher. He altered it slightly enough to name it the Million Dollar Dream. And many people were put out with the move, and then Dibiase would slip a 100 dollar bill in his unconscious opponent’s mouth. Because he’s that rich! Unfortunately, he is the only one in the top 5 that is still alive.

2. Mr. Perfect: There is nothing to say about Mr. Perfect. He was flawless in the ring. He was more than technically sound. He might not have been perfect on the microphone, but he was still very good. He had a great look to him. He almost got given the worst gimmick that would have ruined him. Terry Taylor was almost given the Mr. Perfect gimmick, which would have left the Red Rooster gimmick. Cockadoodle don’t!

1, Macho Man Randy Savage: Every single match this man had was a great match. From his regal robes to his big glasses, he was a unique man. His voice was raspy, his mannerisms were over the top. When the bell rang, there was no one better in the ring. He made every match a must see. And more times than not, he came up off as a winner. Unless he was facing Hogan. Because, yeah. Hogan.


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