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Good late evening everybody! Or Sunday morning, depending on when you actually read this!

Last week I did my top  5 characters on the show Game Of Thrones, I thought I would switch it up with a different top 5. So we’re going to look at the top 5 80’s TV families!

Honorable Mentions go out to the following families- Huxtable Family (The Cosby Show), Arnold Family (Wonder Years),  Tanner Family (ALF), Connor Family (Roseanne)

Let the countdown begin:

5) Tanner Family (Full House) Of course you have Danny, DJ, Stephanie, & Michelle Tanner (don’t forget Comet!), but what made this family so great was the extended family. The family you don’t choose, but are there every step of the way. Jessie, and Joey and Rebecca and even Kimmy. Now we get to see more of them in the spin off show, which I enjoy but it’s as good as the original. At least not yet.

4) Powell Family (Charles In Charge) No offense to the Pembroke family, but the Powells were clearly the better family. It may have something to do with we had more time with the Powells, so it allowed more time to connect with them. You had book smart Sarah, Sassy Jamie and Adam was the classic youngest child trying to make it. The father was away, so Charles watched the kids while Ellen worked and Walter, the retired grandfather was there too. Not sure why he couldn’t watch the kids, but oh well.

3) Bundy Family (Married… With Children) Al and Peg, despite all their bitching, deep down loved each other. They even loved Kelly, Bud and Buck the Dog. But let’s face it, nobody loved Seven. They put the fun in dysfunctional family. They were always just above poverty but somehow made it work.

2) Keaton Family (Family Ties) Steven and Elise Keaton were the hippie parents to Republican Alex, Fashion Designer Mallory, Jennifer who was kind of smart, and later on Andy, who was the baby of the family. The parents and especially Alex clashed over their beliefs. Mallory was more interesting in being popular than good grades. The family couldn’t have been any more different from each other.

1) Seaver Family (Growing Pains) Jason and Maggie did the role reversal thing. Jason stayed at home, opening up his practice out of the home while Maggie was a working mother as a reporter. Mike was the ultimate slacker, barely getting by. Carol was the braniac. Ben was the sarcastic one. And in the last seasons, we got baby Chrissy. Granted Growing Pains was better before a certain born again Christian imposed his beliefs on the show, but even in the last few years the show managed to combine laughs with heart.

And there you have it. My top 5 1980’s sitcom families. Want me to write a top 5 for you? Just give me a suggestion and I will do my best! Until then, have a good one everybody!


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