PC Vol. 3 Word Count Wednesday # 4

Word Count Wednesday

Welcome back to Word Count Wednesday # 4 for Paranormal Contact Vol.3.

I have been doing some writing today, which is why this blog is coming in much later than usual. I do apologize for that! In the latest scenes, we see some old friends making their first appearance in this book. As of right now, there’s only two characters who have not returned…. yet. But they are mentioned. Because the book wouldn’t be the same without them. Who am I speaking about? I’m sure you can guess!

If you will remember last week, the word count stood at 8.607. I went a few days without writing, but the last few days I have been pushing myself more to get it done. That’s really the whole point of Word Count Wednesday. It’s to keep me motivated and on point. And more importantly it keeps me accountable to get the books written. I didn’t want this to be another week that only had 1000 words written during it. So I made sure that wasn’t the case.

So your new word count is 9,725. See? More than a 1000 words. 1,100 words. That’s good right? RIGHT? No. Good, cause I’m just messing with you.

The actual word count for Paranormal Contact Vol. 3 right now is

11, 535.

Have a good one everybody!


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