PC Vol. 3 Word Count Wednesday #3

Word Count Wednesday

Happy Wednesday everybody. It’s hump day, and for most people it’s even sweeter since it will be a short week to get to another weekend. So congratulations to you!

I’ve been chugging right along with Paranormal Contact Vol. 3. This will be the culmination of the entire Paranormal Contact series. So you know, no pressure on me or anything!

Speaking of Paranormal Contact, for the rest of the day you can get the previous two books in the series for free! Not a bad deal if you ask me. Paranormal Contact Vol. 1 is available here. And might as well pick up Vol. 2 here while you’re at it. After today, Vol. 2 will still be available for free until Saturday as well. So what are you waiting for?

Now that we have that out of the way, we’re here for Word Count Wednesday. If you remember, last week I was at a rather disappointing 5,864 words. I said I would right more last week than I did in the previous week. Did I live up to my word? Yes I did!

There’s a huge development in the story happening as we speak. For those that read the second one, you know exactly what I mean. Well, we got the answer to the question. What did she say? I’m afraid you will have to wait and find out.

So this week’s word count sits at:


And I think this week I’m going to start a new feature here. Once a week, I will go off topic and discuss something in pop culture. I have something in mind so you’re just going to have to wait until Friday for that.

Until then, Have a good one everybody!


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