Memorial Day 2016

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Happy Memorial Day everybody. Remember, that while today is an awesome day for a picnic with family and friends there’s more to this day. Even if it’s just for a minute or two, I want you to pause and remember those that lost their lives to make it possible for you to enjoy the freedoms of today.

The majority of us know at least someone who has served in this country’s time of need. Maybe it was your grandparents or your parents. Maybe it was a cousin or a brother or a sister. Maybe it’s someone else. It doesn’t matter who it is. Give thanks to them. Some of them never made it home. And if you personally have served and you’re reading this, let me personally say thank you.

Now that we got the serious part out of the way, there’s a lot going on at Two Dudes’, Brews & Books. The anthology we put out 10 days ago is still going on strong. Check out Twisted & Sinful Stories. The title certainly fits! Remember, it’s not for kids!

If that’s not enough for you, I am currently running a free sale of my books this week. Today, tomorrow & Wednesday you can pick up Paranormal Contact Vol. 1 for your kindle for absolutely nothing!

That should be enough, right? Well it’s not. Today is the day that the newest Two Dudes’ book is released. Check out Jeremy Croston’s latest book Split Decision: The Story of Oliver Callihan. Jeremy is taking a big risk and stepping out of his comfort zone. This book is not about science fiction. It’s an awesome tale about redemption. Part sports drama, part family, part romance. Definitely out of his wheel house, but an awesome read.

So go ahead and check out everything we have got going on. Happy Memorial Day. Save a burger for me. I will see you on Wednesday for Word Count Wednesday.

Have a good one everybody!


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