PC Vol. 3 Word Count Wednesday # 2

Word Count Wednesday

Welcome back to another Word Count Wednesday. We’ve reset the number since we’re now talking about Paranormal Contact Volume 3, as opposed to The Time Traveler’s Journal.

I will admit that I didn’t do as much as writing as I wanted to do this week. I’m not going to give you loyal readers a lame excuse or anything (WORK!), but it’s true. I’m still way ahead of schedule. Just like Paranormal Contact Vol. 2, I plan on a release somewhere near Halloween of 2016.

If you will remember, last week the word count 4,017. And if you didn’t remember don’t feel bad. Because neither did I. I had to go back and look it up myself. I’m not anything if I’m not brutally honest!

So what kind of numbers are we looking at right now? Well, like I said… not nearly as high as they should have been. For that I apologize.


But next week I promise that the increase will be higher than it was this week.

Since I have 5 months to put the book out, I plan on writing a few short stories for the blog as well. A good friend of mine has asked me to write something for young adults. So I said I would do my best to do that. So we will see how well that comes out. Her kids want to read something by me, and clearly Time Traveler’s Journal and even the Paranormal series isn’t exactly kid friendly.

Come back tomorrow as I will have a killer announcement. Until then, have a good one everybody!


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