Epic Interviews with Jerem…err Jeff! Featuring Shane Barr (The Time Traveler’s Journal)

Check out this Epic Interview with the main character of The Time Traveler’s Journal Shane Barr.

5 Good Minutes

Interview Logo

Jeremy:  (looking over paper) Well since this guy is your friend Jeff, why don’t you take the lead today?

Jeff: Really? Do you think I’m ready for this? (pause) Wait, yeah I’m ready for it! So, bring in my guest!

::from backstage a rather haggard looking man approaches::

Jeremy:  Jeff, is this the guy?  He looks like he might be drunk…

Jeff: I think so. Is your name Shane Ba….

Shane: Shane Barr? Yeah, that’s me. (To Jeremy) I take exception to that. It was… it was long night, last night.

Jeff: Nice to meet you Shane. Tell us a little about yourself?

Shane: I’m a local author. Just moved to the area… Doing some research for my first book. What else are you looking for?

Jeremy:  Well Shane, we normally tell a little more about ourselves than just that.  Anything in particular you’re writing about?

Shane: Sorry. I’m not used…

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