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Welcome to another Word Count…. wait, nope. Welcome to another regular edition of my blog!

A lot to talk about right now. First The Time Traveler’s Journal has been returned by 3 of the 5 beta readers. Reviews have been all positive which makes me even more anxious to release it. Speaking of releases, the official release date will be announced in just a few days. In fact, there will be a book trailer coming soon to give you just a sneak peak of the book with the official release date. Look for that this weekend on the Two Dudes, Brews & Books youtube page. Wait? You didn’t know we had our own Youtube page? For shame! Check it out right here!

In addition to that, there will be a new scene posted tomorrow to get the word out about the upcoming release!

This week also marks the 1 year anniversary of the Two Dudes, Brews & Books podcast. So this week will be an awesome one. Check it out on Podomatic and Itunes as well.

Have a good one everybody!



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